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Posted on 03-13-14 08:25:07 PM Link | Quote
So I've been making really long sentences (sometimes a bit funny) in Chinese in order to practice some of the vocabulary I've been learning. Because this vocab is sometimes composed of ancient Chinese words and very formal words, the sentence structure is a bit funny, and I realized Google was making a funny job out of it so I decided to post the Google translation here for everyone to see. Each paragraph is a different "story". I think some of these are funny, but I'm not sure how you guys would look at it without the original Chinese text

Long post

The actor has a prominent reputation for great accuracy to show very funny and never procrastinate , the traditional rhyming poetry confusion into the freedom of modern songs , so the audience cheered , and finally forced to join the army to resist the intrusion of salt Za Japanese border , he the music was composed have effective frown , this is conclusive evidence that it is not capitalism bad ? His music is quite taste.

Mighty intervention of the revolutionary movement and the people living democracy movement wants a riot while Faren , compete with each other , and finally joined forces to defeat the feudal society , Xi Yong ancient square .
Old slack hierarchy regardless of mediocre shitty stupid evil creature to his decrepit father and report untold difficulties , they admit that they are untouchables dismiss see , to retrieve a cruel life.

Like wolves , like warlords have no fear of the Gyeonggi bureaucratic annihilation , became emperor , and then to 10 packet of Homeland conceal the true intentions of the vassal state , requiring vassal tribute to him, to the people with impunity exactions , overexert divide up the southern territory, the territory of another country swallowed . Jimi has been increasingly unable to govern the princes , their plot was exposed , and finally facing the princes elite troops , he lose its power , and devastated, into a state of irreparable collapse . Yi Xi tyrant ruling his era , do not understand the ways of the world to blame , and later hanged himself because eternal regret .

In the Navy 's courageous perseverance passenger palace after an audience with the emperor said , outing spring tour , went to the grave before going to work hard to persuade himself Zifeng even thinking about , but the writer hearty attacked him and brought this idea as perverse there the old social stigma because rendering the horrors of war .

Countries in its heyday, social mortal change , Qi Wan Lu stripe , bow horse nationals are skilled , people's quality of life express a prosperous national economy, the city government under the national skyscrapers, the roads , facing aggression immediately guarding the frontier, from the emperor is not rash remonstrance Juzhongyuqing prohibited corporal punishment , pardon capital punishment , unicorn everywhere, former insurgents by the amnesty , reclaimed wasteland made ​​of farmland , farm animals fat , and gave farmers a cow, enshrined in the subjects , the subjects were is capable, exterminate bandits , when a disaster relief fund area immediately , Yufu full Jinbo , Turks and barbarians dare aggression , subjects very remonstrance Needless to say , official positions and private Depository are bulging , with more capable people to be comparable like bandits hotbed Hui Pirates attack was unrelenting , the bandits are subject to punishment Qiandaowangua , the death of the emperor pass away when national mourning , the national pathos .

Later, during the country in decline , rogue 's pimps everywhere, talented people is already a spent force , and traces of the old society gradually disappeared, poorly equipped rough, Ruthless emperor favoritism , bribery eloquent minister headed , arrogant emperor rejected reasonable proposals , and treacherous Ruthless bribetaker Cole joined forces to defraud the people of the Pirates , aggravated by the insult of the people look Huangju enmity , hatred, because the face has been too angry and distorted. After the discovery of high Ya Ruthless people's hatred , but did not stop to uphold hand , people only eat geese, austerity.

Professor quibble usually quite measured up , frame framed up the other professors , everyone froze . Professor ungrateful later suffered torture in prison , out of time already withered heart , and for the past evil feel very ashamed that he do nothing but to default when a male prostitute , and painstakingly seduced wealthy people , but Misfortune Jianwei , looking for his people addicted to scab addiction , alcoholic, excessive craving , his civil rights are being deprived of prostitution against the people of his house rattan Wu foul , eventually suffering a lingering deathbed troubled insomnia, hair matted , sounds shrill , desolate room , a wandering .

Economic growth hovering between 10% and 20% , really big fortune , the people benefited , mutiny events decreased rapidly expanding arable land, defeat the enemy 's elite troops , the leaders of good reputation , officials repeatedly banished again nor an official of the previous thuggish Ruthless bribetaker expelled emperor attitude grace, look dignified , national fugitive Tau were found filthy bureaucracy no longer act with discretion , corrupt officials no longer plunder the people a lot of money , waste abusive language is forgotten, cattle farming in general , the inter-face , the government straighten discipline, the performance of Manhattan emperor , the emperor for the people despite wind and rain , war-torn days and Flesh war is gone, too busy to take into account people's officials did not , people finally transcend his wide brown .

Home textile fabric color that generated bright , but the people that the company inferior ceramic workshops, many companies countries rise , the company's casting mint coins have increasingly developed, more and more artisans , mining development, shops everywhere , land traffic developed, many people through medicine , canals crisscross relay transmission system has improved , Ken Congling provision for the country .

Rogue warlord attempts to consolidate power , the emperor died while Yufu , only deserved Secretary http eunuch eunuch , when the eunuch trying to curry favor with all the warlords , and then show the world his order when the emperor most drastic step up to the people of the press , the opposition for abusing his people , want a piece of the other warlords , but asked him to plan his own brewing officials say Banquet, advised him absolutely should not go . Hungry warlord armies lax discipline , lack of residential wells water pulley winch stalks , barren farmland , originally part of the armed forces or warlords prisoner slaves , costly military training , he escape reality, wasted manpower, looting all over the massacre against his people , the people are still trying to resist him , and finally failed, discredited see the villagers , try hanging after failed because the rope broke on committing suicide , and his house was burned down.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - A Google Translate Story New poll - New thread - New reply

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