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09-24-18 07:49:34 AM

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Rhea Snaketail
Slightly frazzled...
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From: Neither here nor there.

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Posted on 02-17-14 03:32:46 AM Link | Quote
Nope. No real reason to, unless someone specifically requests it (which I don't think has ever happened).
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Posted on 02-17-14 01:04:00 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Cuber456
Actually, here is a genuine question for the Admins that I have pondered about and it is related to this topic. Do you ever delete old users? I'm not talking about someone who gets banned or something. Like let's say a user hasn't been active at all in the past 1000 days. Have you ever gone through and deleted some of those accounts based on inactivity or thought about doing it?

I'm just curious is all.

Why would you want to delete somebody's account for inactivity? Like, what would you achieve?

Don't mind me. Just passing through.
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Posted on 02-17-14 01:34:20 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Sanky
Why would you want to delete somebody's account for inactivity? Like, what would you achieve?
Well I never said I wanted to. I was just genuinely curious. Perhaps at one time, way back when, you guys wanted to keep a more active member list so you would weed out those who were inactive for like 3 years. BMF already put that idea to rest in his post above. I was just asking out of curiosity .
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Posted on 02-17-14 01:37:02 PM Link | Quote
Another concern back then was storage space, but nowadays it's generally not a problem unless your board is huge.
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Posted on 02-19-14 09:24:46 AM Link | Quote
Hmm, by looking at the past I1 days, they did delete some old inactive users, but that was back in 2001.
Considering how much everything evolved by now, I doubt that could save a lot of space.
Part boy, part car; Boycar, Protector and King of Chilladelphia
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Posted on 02-19-14 11:17:03 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Xkeeper
Most of the activity has sputtered to a halt as Real Life™ caught up with more and more members. Nobody really has the time for forums these days, and when they do there are usually other websites they could be using.

It's translated into more IRC activity (as it's easier to chat than it is to write big long word posts), which is fairly active, at least. TCRF has actually been picking up steam as a replacement for Jul, too, so there's that.

Yeah, I've made the move to places like Twitter, Tumblr, etc., mainly cause I know more people using them (and there's always people using them).

Plus I never really made super meaningful connections with a whole lot of people on here, so that kinda factors into it too.

Nipper Plant
Trying (and failing) to learn Lua.
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Posted on 04-10-14 04:28:26 AM Link | Quote
I can definitely tell that the activity is quite low here but i'm fine with it at the moment. I could always try to get a few new members if you want but it doesn't seem like a lot of people stay active that long. As for me, not only am i trying to learn drawing, writing, Letplays, finding find a job and using twitter (+ many more) my computer wasn't working February and March so i couldn't be here even if i wanted to.
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