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12-14-17 10:27:05 AM

Jul - News - End of WinAmp? New poll - New thread - New reply
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bumblin' stumblin' robots
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Posted on 06-26-14 09:11:45 AM Link | Quote
I don't get why everyone claims Winamp died???

I can't think of any comparable media player, honestly! I guess foobar2000 is okay but I don't really see anything at all that would push it ahead of Winamp and I was pretty sure it was still one of the dominant media players

also interestingly, devin, I stick to the smaller skins - I am really not too fond of the enormous skin
I kinda miss all the neat skins I had ages ago before 2008 came and my laptop from that era died

i'm mima irl
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Posted on 06-26-14 09:30:17 AM Link | Quote
I do use Winamp in windowshade mode whenever I'm just listening to stuff so it's out of the way, but whenever I want to manipulate/organize my music collection, etc. I think Bento looks a lot nicer than the classic skin

gg photobucket
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Posted on 06-26-14 09:35:50 AM Link | Quote
I personally use foobar2000 for most of the music (read: chiptunes), although I did use WinAmp on another computer at some point.

I honestly don't care too much - as long as it's flexible enough for my needs (and it works) I'm okay with that.

I may try to put on my *for now* local server the plugin collection.
Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro
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Posted on 06-28-14 04:35:17 PM Link | Quote
I will never stop loving Winamp 5.

It is by far the pinnacle of audio playing evolution.
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Posted on 06-30-14 01:49:33 AM Link | Quote
Ahh, WinAmp.

Wait, that's not WinAmp... Thats QMMP
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Jul - News - End of WinAmp? New poll - New thread - New reply

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