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11-21-18 11:04:16 AM

Jul - News - Sec Proposes Crowdfunding rules New poll - New thread - New reply
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You know, that person
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Posted on 10-24-13 08:41:54 PM (last edited by Sukasa at 10-24-13 09:53:11 PM) Link | Quote

Basically the US government wants to regulate Crowdfunding... by pretty much killing it.

Don't mind me. Just passing through.
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Posted on 10-24-13 11:21:24 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by MitchZer0

Basically the US government wants to regulate Crowdfunding... by pretty much killing it.
I'm not surprised. This isn't the first time the government has stuck its nose in other people's business.

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Posted on 10-24-13 11:23:46 PM Link | Quote
Wow, the American government wants to control something that involves a ton of money. Shocker.
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Posted on 10-25-13 04:00:36 AM Link | Quote
I'm generally a pro-economical regulation person, but even I consider these limits to be insane.

There were already campaigns that aimed for (or got) more than 1 million, like Mighty No. 9 or the Ubuntu Edge phone, which aimed for $32M and got $12,8M.

Putting a cap would only cripple the capabilities of crowdfunding.
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Posted on 10-25-13 08:14:59 AM Link | Quote
It seems that if these laws get passed, it will technically be pretty much the end for sites like Kickstarters.

Seriously, these restrictions are absurd, these will only make more damage than what has been already done.

I hopefully expect as much opposition as the SOPA bill.

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Posted on 10-25-13 08:36:41 AM Link | Quote
The point of the rules seems to be for cases where crowdfunders are rewarded with equity in the company rather than some physical object. In this case it is currently illegal to do so, so I'm not sure you can say these rules are more restrictive than that

Dances with Ponies
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Posted on 10-25-13 11:07:14 AM Link | Quote
Yeah, this is equity crowdfunding.

I don't think kickstarter-esque stuff is regulate-able in the same way, since the companies acting as the middlemen can just move.
-The Chaos within trumps the Chaos without-
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Posted on 10-26-13 01:55:56 AM Link | Quote
As some others already said, this law only applies to stock-style equity stuff, not kickstarter. I don't believe it's anything to do with the sort of crowdfunding we're used to, so... no worries.
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Jul - News - Sec Proposes Crowdfunding rules New poll - New thread - New reply

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