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11-17-17 08:56:41 PM

Jul - Computers - Is it too early to jump on the 2160p bandwagon? New poll - New thread - New reply
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-The Chaos within trumps the Chaos without-
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Posted on 02-21-14 04:59:59 AM Link | Quote
As it is 1080P is starting to stretch the limits of how large I'd want to have those spaces be. At that ginormous resolution I can only think, "I'd only use a monitor that big if my OS would let me specify multiple grids to maximize things in because that is waaaaay too huge for me."

Red Koopa
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Posted on 02-21-14 05:09:52 AM Link | Quote
Well I can keep my head completely still and just move my eyes and still see anything on the screen (3 feet is a really close guess, the screen is at total 2 feet 10 inches wide). I never understood any everyone wants to keep their head and their eyes perfectly still whenever they use a computer. There's so much more space for stuff if you just move it.

I can understand not keeping browser windows maximized, look at it this way. If you just resize all your windows, you could have 4 1080p browser windows on the same screen.

Star Mario
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Posted on 02-21-14 02:25:48 PM Link | Quote
There's also the fact that with 1080p and beyond resolution, there would need to be larger screens in order to fully utilize the technology, and eventually it would come to the point where said screens can't reasonably have higher res within the environment it's utilizing, if that makes sense.

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Posted on 06-14-16 07:22:37 PM Link | Quote
I wouldn't recommend a 2k tv. 4k is where it's at and they can be had for as little as 300 at walmart.

Rhea Snaketail
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Posted on 06-14-16 07:28:59 PM Link | Quote
> Posted on 05-23-13 12:14:17 AM

I would certainly hope he's already made a decision by this point

Lantern Ghost
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Posted on 06-14-16 07:39:26 PM Link | Quote
The real dilemma is wondering where the hell 3 years of my time went.
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Jul - Computers - Is it too early to jump on the 2160p bandwagon? New poll - New thread - New reply

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