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10-20-17 06:46:25 PM

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Posted on 04-29-13 03:23:19 PM (last edited by MasterWizard at 04-29-13 03:24:39 PM) Link | Quote

My suggestion is that when a post is deleted, the user's post count decreases by however many posts were removed. Not only would it make the post count more accurate and more reliable, but I also feel like some kind of 'post-count-whore' when I delete one of my posts yet the number stays the same.

Posted on 04-29-13 03:26:25 PM Link | Quote
That might make sense if the post count was a single digit, but this software tracks what number each post is, and some milestones are considered interesting (e.g., one's 1000th or 20000th post, as the case might be). Changing the numbers in the present because someone deleted a post in the past is not such a good idea.

The simple solution to "not feeling like a post-count-whore" is to... well, not care. Nobody else does.

Moon Bunny! :3
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Posted on 04-29-13 03:27:47 PM Link | Quote
I think the far simpler solution is just not caring about post counts.

Unless you're dealing some sort of milestone then the count is really not that interesting I feel. (Unless one want to set up some statistics!)

Posted on 04-29-13 03:29:44 PM Link | Quote
As an added bonus, all posts are reported in real-time to the IRC channel, so if someone decides to abuse the post count by repeatedly deleting and reposting, it becomes obvious very, very quickly.

(Note that this has never happened before.*)

*In the last several years according to my memory

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Posted on 04-29-13 03:32:14 PM Link | Quote
That behavior would probably lead to a NIL post count anyway, huh?

Posted on 04-29-13 03:33:21 PM Link | Quote
The proper term is NaN

(Technically it's a negative post count, which gives NaN level/EXP)
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Jul - Meta - Post count reduction New poll - New thread - New reply

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