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10-23-17 01:29:10 AM

Jul - Entertainment - I need New Youtube Channels to watch (Favorite Youtube Channels?). New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 12-25-16 06:34:40 AM Link | Quote
Here are my favorite YouTube channels. Some don't update regularly anymore, but they have good videos nonetheless.
  • ClassicsOfGame - Strange and obscure video game clips

  • kekeflipnote - Very cute animations, also on tumblr

  • Numberphile - Fun, informative, and accessible videos about numbers and mathematics

  • pannenkoek2012 - In-depth videos about SM64 game mechanics and TASs (with more on the side channel)

  • poleovermania - Glitch showcases for SMB3 and a few other NES games

  • sistermind - Playthroughs and speedruns of SMB1 hacks and other games (I recommend the Speed Expiation series)

  • Sixty Symbols - Fun, informative, and accessible videos about physics

  • Stryder7x - In-depth videos about Paper Mario glitches and speedrunning

  • Vi Hart - Creative and interesting videos about mathematics, music, and art

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Posted on 12-25-16 07:04:50 AM Link | Quote
We've got some new additions here:

AlexSRMD - Playthroughs of bootleg games / hacks.
ACESpark - Boss Runs and Perfect Runs of video games. Lately he hasn't been uploading much though.
LordBBH and Sebmal - Random MAME games and other fun stuff (though you should get to see the actual streams).
ShayMay and Retropolis Zone Analysis and critique of video games.

Posted on 12-26-16 04:10:26 AM Link | Quote
Bisqwit's channel has a lot of interesting programming videos, but I think the most interesting ones are the Cracking Videogame Passwords series. In at least one he's found a previously-unknown debug password.

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Posted on 12-26-16 04:18:01 AM (last edited by Dorito at 12-26-16 04:19:01 AM) Link | Quote
adding more to this oldass thread:

I'm not a big fan of Polygon, but I do love me some McElroy and Nick Robinson magic, so their Monster Factory and Car Boys series have made me cry from laughing multiple times; they're national treasures

formerly of gamespot's Danny O'Dwyer and a buddy of his started noclip and they hit the ground running fast; their Doom/Rocket League pieces are so so so good, especially as someone who loves both games to death

I'm a huge fan of Giant Bomb, but if it weren't for TurboMan's Best of Giant Bomb videos, I wouldn't have discovered them back in 2011.

also this guy's soulsborne videos are preeeeeeetty stupid in a great way
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Posted on 12-28-16 02:51:10 PM Link | Quote
FamilyJules7x does amazing covers of music from games and is a regular uploader, and it's always high quality stuff, along with The8BitDrummer and ToxicxEternity. And of course, with music, you have to mention Smooth McGroove.

I finally got in to Rooster Teeth this year, and oh my god, I fell in hard. Starting with LetsPlay, I'm currently on my 4th playthrough of their entire GTAV series, with a big backlog of Minecraft to watch, not to mention AHWU, Off Topic Podcast, and then the rest of the various videos they put out. GameAttack has only been around a couple of months, so I'm not terribly far behind on them. RoosterTeeth itself has all sorts, with RT Podcast, RT Life, RT Shorts, On The Spot and so much else. Basically, they're bloody massive, and I have no idea how I never watched their stuff before this year.

Obviously, GameGrumps, JonTron, Vinesauce are all great, though I'm VERY far behind on my Grumps. Hot Pepper Gaming are amusing, Jim Sterling is always a laugh, SeaNanners puts out stuff I think almost daily. ElectroBOOM is a great way to see what you shouldn't do with electricity from a guy who is clearly insane. Shesez puts out a great series called Boundary Break, which is all about taking the game camera and using it to see stuff you clearly weren't meant to.

Basically, I watch far more videos than can be considered healthy.
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Posted on 05-18-17 08:59:42 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Sofi
Every Frame a Painting is currently the only YouTube channel I am subscribed to. It's an incredible and easy to understand analysis of cinema as an art form. It might not be your thing, but if it is, you'll love it.

Love Every Frame a Painting. In a similar vein, my husband and I also enjoy Now You See It and The Royal Ocean Film Society. Husband is more into actually making film than I am, but there's plenty of stuff I find interesting for illustration.

I really enjoy PBS Idea Channel.

We also watch a lot of tech and retro stuff like LGR, and at the moment my husband is driving me insane with ashens eating weird stuff.

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Posted on 05-19-17 01:00:01 AM Link | Quote


Like holy shit someone put effort into making a fake unreleased PS1 "game" creepypasta so even if you hate the creepy haunted video game genre you need to admire the craftsmanship.
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Posted on 08-02-17 12:16:12 AM Link | Quote
Aaaah, PBS Idea Channel is ending!

Also Binging with Babish is cool if you like cooking and film.
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Posted on 08-02-17 09:01:49 PM (last edited by Sponty at 08-02-17 09:03:03 PM) Link | Quote
Sugar Pine 7 is what I've been catching up on lately, and it's really good. It's a series of "alternative lifestyle" videos. Basically vlogs where the main guys play heightened, bizarre versions of themselves, with Arrested Development-style narration over top. Lots of callbacks and referential humor.

Also Funhaus and Cow Chop for more "traditional" Let's Play-ish content.

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Posted on 08-05-17 04:04:22 PM Link | Quote
LGR - Does all kinds of videos on old computers and games.
The 8-Bit Guy - Also does old computer/tech videos.
8-Bit Keys - The 8-Bit Guy's other channel, this one for old toy/amateur keyboards.
Techmoan - Does reviews of both old and new tech.
Cody's Lab - Interesting science videos.
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Jul - Entertainment - I need New Youtube Channels to watch (Favorite Youtube Channels?). New poll - New thread - New reply

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