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12-14-18 04:47:47 AM

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Ruins!? ♥
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Posted on 02-23-13 12:07:32 AM (last edited by Darkdata at 02-23-13 12:08:12 AM) Link | Quote
What do you watch online? I follow a few people:

She covers anime, and has a few fun radio plays. She is branching out into some movie things as well!

Smart and has a great outlook on film, media and how woman are portrayed. She is croudsourcing ideas for a Twilight Parody book.

Todd in the shadows
In for the snark. Also to hear him eat his words at the end of the year for his top 10. So much fun!

I'll leave it at three for now, but I want to hear from everyone. What do you watch online?

You know, that person
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Posted on 03-02-13 01:16:03 AM (last edited by MitchZer0 at 03-02-13 01:25:34 AM) Link | Quote
Retsupurae and anything else relating to Slowbeef, Diabetus, Proteus, Psychedeliceyeball, etc
They're really funny and I always liked goon humor, even if I don't have an SA account and would probably get banned instantly if I did get one

The Best Gamers
Even though I'm permabanned from their forums being a messed up person, I love the humor in their videos

Has really logical opinions on the video game industry, and even though he would probably call me a disgusting waste of life, he sort of seems like a future version of me seeing as we have the same opinions and sense of humor most of the time. Hell, I my voice sounds almost just like him.

The Best gamers, only with no comedic bullshit, probably the least corrupted video game channel out there

Still kinda enjoy him, even if he's fucked up at the moment, and again he kind of reminds me of myself, though a different side of myself from what Rockcock64 seems like. He's probably the only member of channel awesome that's actually tolerable when he's acting... unlike Doug who is always annoying when he's the Nostalgia Critic

Cinema Snob
Pretty funny bastard and probably the only real movie reviewer on That guy with the Glasses

Doug Walker (Sometimes)
Recently realized that Doug can be good when he's not the Nostalgia critic, but when he is, he is absolutely intolerable

I don't really give a shit about the controversy, nor am I a fanboy, I still enjoy him for what he is. He always has that style of showing you footage of what he's reviewing and inserting comedic moments/plot where it's necessary, unlike most reviewers who overload their videos with sparkles and useless out of no where comedy/plot.

He's funny, Canadian, sounds like some kind of porno actor and his social awkwardness in his voice makes everything that happens in his videos all the more hilarious

He tried to fuck me over one time with 3 other girls (who I swear were in the infamous foam adventure video), but he's entertaining, I miss the days when he was spunkeez though.

Armake21, enough said

He makes great videos and we're good friends on steam who always exchange Gabe Newell jokes. It's also worth mentioning that I introduced him to Retsupurae

Best random video game related video maker ever lived, rest in peace.

Best 4chan related youtube user

Lazy Game Reviewer
Probably the only game reviewer who reviews old pc games, he's great but I could do without his beard and the inserted memes

Ancient dos games
Informative, but I don't like the guy who does it that much.

There's more, so expect me to edit this later


16/3/1: KvSG #479 is up!

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Posted on 03-02-13 11:11:55 AM Link | Quote
Aside from when my friend shows me Game Grumps episodes, I don't.

I used to watch more, but that was when I had a lot more free time.

Star Mario
Placeholder Ikachan until :effort: is found
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Posted on 03-02-13 02:12:48 PM Link | Quote
Speaking of Game Grumps, I should try and catch up on those episodes.

And Nerdcubed's. And chuggaconroy's. And Raocow's. And well... a lot.
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Posted on 01-07-14 08:39:10 AM Link | Quote
AVGN - I don't care either about the past controversy and all the criticism, he's got good humor and I like the more variety his channel has nowadays.

Ashens - Do I even need to describe him?

JeepersMedia - The channel may be dead (not his Google+), but all the fail toys are to be seen to be believed. Also, puns.

OneyNG, Tomska, Eddsworld - Flash animations ahoy!

TheOriginalHDChannel - The sort of black sheep, good smashing videos and his particular sense of humor, but only when he doesn't hide/delete all his videos for whatever reason, only for him to reupload them after months of nothing.
That's why I have a local copy of most of his videos.
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Posted on 01-07-14 01:18:56 PM Link | Quote
Actual shows, as opposed to people who just point their cameras at stuff with no, or not very much editing (ex. lukemorse, RetroJunkie, etc.), I think I'm only really watching one: Retro Core by Yakumo of Segagaga Domain.

A down to earth Brit who's been living in Japan for... 15 years or so, maybe closer to 20, and who's been doing this show - showing and reviewing games and hardware, undercover video footage (as they don't actually allow filming) from Japanese game stores, etc. - for roughly 10 years so far, with some breaks in between.
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Jul - Entertainment - Let's talk about Internet TV. New poll - New thread - New reply

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