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11-13-18 08:05:08 PM

Jul - SM64 Hacking (Archive) - SM64 Multiplayer Release (Download) New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 10-30-13 01:24:30 PM (last edited by CoinCollector at 10-30-13 01:26:35 PM) Link | Quote
Originally posted by Joe
It only takes a small modification to Cellar Dweller's alternate ROM extender to produce a properly-aligned ROM.

Messiaen tested out one such arrangement already; here's some videos.

Patches for the non-aligned ROM will not work on an aligned ROM. I do not know if TT64 or other tools will work on an aligned ROM.

Oh cool, hadn't heard of that program. Sadly I doubt TT64 accepts aligned ROMs because I saw Messiaen & VL-Tone talking about a needed fix, which never happened.

Originally posted by Celux
This hack was created without any modifications besides the assembly I manually inserted using LemASM, so by all means It ought to work on a real N64. The ROM size is the same, all data is aligned correctly, opcodes are valid, and uses the original 4MB memory. Use the wad if you wish to play on a Wii, it runs at full speed.

Yeah I thought it had a good chance of running on console since an extended ROM isn't required, but I get the same garbled screen as M. Bison. The Wii is an excellent alternative, but N64 support would be totally appreciated if possible.
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Posted on 06-05-14 12:21:03 PM Link | Quote
I got an ultimate desync where I was playing in bob omb battlefield while my friend seen me randomly swimming in water, and I saw him below weirdly moving, but this is the best Mario hack ever, also the Star Road version... This is very awesome! I hope you'll make a new update of this.

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Posted on 06-05-14 01:19:56 PM Link | Quote
hmm, do you know what you were doing when it desynched? that might be an emulator error (though might not be), though without knowing what caused the desynch, it's kinda hard to figure out what to fix
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Jul - SM64 Hacking (Archive) - SM64 Multiplayer Release (Download) New poll - New thread - New reply

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