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12-11-18 08:31:00 PM

Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Accele Brid Cheats New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 08-24-12 09:39:41 PM (last edited by KungFuFurby at 08-24-12 09:41:02 PM) Link | Quote
The SNES game that somehow managed to get... er... pixelated animated video backgrounds incoporated into the game.

I was hunting down a sound test that I had found via an array reference while attempting to determine if I had found unused music, and ran into a whole bunch of cheats in the process. All but one of them function properly. I posted this to GSCentral, but I thought you should receive them as well.

First, here are a list of variables that can be directly affected by the cheat (with starting values listed in parenthesis):

7E4260 ~ Master Cheat Enabler (00)
7E3812 ~ Smart Bomb Count (00, gets set to 02 on first level)
7E4200 ~ Stage ID (00)
7E425A ~ Continues (04)
7E482E -> 7E4834 ~ Secret Ending (00)

First, you need a non-zero Master Cheat Enabler value. So here's how you do it...

Master Code Enabler
At the Tomy Logo, on controller 2, hold A, B, X, Y until the Title Screen shows up. If done correctly, the Title Screen Logo will be red instead of blue. This must be done while the game is starting up.

Enter These Cheats Before Accessing the Main Menu:
For these cheats, wait until Silver Mare is just about done demonstrating his "Attacker" animation, then hold down the following buttons on controller 2 until the gameplay demonstration begins to activate a cheat (except for the smart bomb cheat, there is no immediate visible indicator you did the cheat correctly unless you're monitoring the variables on an emulator):
L ~ 25 Continues
R ~ 6 Smart Bombs (the cheat fails because the value is overwritten by a 2 when you start a game or when you loop around to a second gameplay demonstration... unless maybe you use the stage modifier cheat code?)
X ~ Secret Ending

The secret ending changes the ending after the collapse of Cheesering Tower. It is replaced by a one-screen text (with picture) saying that the Silver Mare was hevily damaaged.

A sound test can be found by pressing and holding L, R, and Start at either the Tomy Logo, the Title Screen or at the Silver Mare Demonstration screen. It contains three unused pieces of music. One of them is referenced one other time as music for an invalid stage ID.

Enter These Cheats When Setting Up for the Next Stage:
You can change which stage you are playing with this cheat code.
First, start a game, then select your weapons for the Silver Mare. After selecting Attacker or Defender, hold down the following buttons to access the following stage. If done correctly, you'll be playing that stage instead of the originally intended stage. If you tried to do it too late in between fading out and back in, the code will fail.
L + Start ~ G. Bowman Circuit
R + Start ~ Tiamat Gorge
Y + Start ~ Railways
X + Start ~ Underground
B + Start ~ Climbing Cheesering Tower
A + Start ~ Inside Cheesering Tower
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Accele Brid Cheats New poll - New thread - New reply

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