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04-22-18 10:50:00 AM

Jul - Computers and Technology - What's your OS(es)? New poll - New thread - New reply
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Posted on 04-28-16 08:47:59 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by xgh0st
I only use Debian and FreeBSD. For you M$ Windows users you might want to check out ReactOS (

I've looked at this and it seems like it would be awesome if it was further along in development. Would be a nice thing to dual boot in case I end up switching to 10 (damn it Killer Instinct why do you tempt me) and something doesn't work in it.
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Posted on 04-28-16 07:12:04 PM Link | Quote
regarding Win10-only games, you will probably get compatibility layers allowing to run them on Windows 7 or whatever, for example Vulkan wrappers that emulate DX12...
bumblin' stumblin' robots
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Posted on 04-30-16 06:29:34 PM Link | Quote
Originally posted by Bloodstar
Time to give this an update I guess

sometimes I say things that stick around!!

- Windows 8.1, x64 on custom tower
- OS X 10.11.4 on MacBook Pro
- Chrome OS on CB3-111-UB
- Windows 7 (Home Premium) SP1, x86 on Fujitsu tablet (which needs a new HDD)
- Windows 10 on WinBook TW802 (I've been using it a lot less since it got 10, funny coincidence)
- Raspbian Wheezy on Raspberry Pi B+ (replaced Optiplex, does the job just fine)
- Android 5.1.1 on Moto G (main mobile device)
- Android 6.0.1 on Nexus 7 (tablets hell yeah)
- Arch Linux (feat. openbox+tint2) on Raspberry Pi 3 (secondary desktop)

I still use too many different things help
(though I guess it's not as bad as it was before, somehow)

The Fujitsu tablet was mostly for anything that required pen input (such as drawing) but it's kinda down for the count right now since I suspect the HDD is failing - it feels far slower at even basic operations than it used to.
(I wonder how that thing would react to Windows 10 updates being offered...? It's too old for 8.1)
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Posted on 04-30-16 09:28:41 PM (last edited by xdaniel at 01-04-17 10:43:02 AM) Link | Quote
Merging and updating the stats... (and editing a couple months later...) [and editing again another couple of months after that...]

~Main Systems~
- Nanami: Homebuilt Phenom II X4 Desktop - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit
- Sayaka: Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 - Android 4.4.4 (rooted, unofficial Cyanogenmod 11)
- Kyouko: Dell Latitude C640 Laptop - Lubuntu 16.04.1

~Systems For Fun~
- Tamaki: Apple Power Mac G4, 1.6 GHz - Mac OS X 10.4.11
- Amaterasu: Apple PowerBook 3400c - Mac OS 8.6
- Iffy: Apple iMac G3 350 - Mac OS 9.2.2 (+ maybe an older Windows via Virtual PC)
- P100: Pentium 100 Tower - MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 3.11
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Posted on 12-25-16 02:03:55 AM Link | Quote
I have Windows 10 on my Asus laptop and my mom's computer, and Ubuntu on my sister's old laptop.
Random nobody
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Posted on 02-25-17 12:27:28 PM Link | Quote
Main computer=Windows 10
An 2005 acer=Windows xp
OLD HP Omnibook 2000ct=Windows 95
My phone=Windows 10 mobile AU
My Surface pro 4=Windows 10 AU

AU means Anniversary Update
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Posted on 02-25-17 01:19:15 PM Link | Quote
Dell Latitude E6430 - Windows 10 AU
Samsung Slate 7 Tablet - Windows 10 AU

I like Windows 10 AU, but I don't like ADS.
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From: Same as above. ^

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Posted on 03-18-17 10:43:34 PM Link | Quote
Ubuntu 16.10 Xenial.

Sometimes windows, when wine ultimately fails.

Nipper Plant
Trying (and failing) to learn Lua.
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Posted on 03-30-17 02:25:11 PM Link | Quote
Windows Vista on an old laptop I recently fixed, its quite annoying sometimes but at least I can browse the internet easily.
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Posted on 04-24-17 04:02:34 AM Link | Quote
Oh shit, I actually have a Windows 10 laptop now. Having 8GB of RAM and an SSD, the speed difference is noticeable.

It's not my main one though since it was given by school.
Everything is still here on this 8 year old laptop.
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Posted on 05-04-17 05:19:14 AM Link | Quote
Originally posted by IIMarckus

I use OpenBSD on all my computers. It’s pretty cool.

I still use OpenBSD on all my computers. It’s still pretty cool.


You know, that person
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Posted on 05-08-17 02:02:17 AM Link | Quote
Windows 7 on my main
Windows 8 on my secondary laptop, which has Windows 3.1 set up in dosbox
Open Suse on Tertiary laptop I barely use, with a Windows 95 VM

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Posted on 05-08-17 05:20:35 AM Link | Quote
- Windows 7 (PC)
- Windows 3.11 (DOSBox)
- Lubuntu (VirtualBox)
- Windows XP (VirtualBox)
- Windows 2000 (VirtualPC)
- Windows 10 (VMware)

I'm kind of a madman with this lol

And then I recently installed Debian on a old Compaq PC at work for later use (and had to really learn how to Linux because it didn't have any graphical interface, worked my way to install it).

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Posted on 06-30-17 01:41:02 PM Link | Quote
My OSes are literally always changing, so here's an update.

Laptop: Windows XP and Lubuntu (separate hard drives, have to swap em out)
Desktop #1: Windows 95 and 9front
Desktop #2: Lubuntu (also a dead copy of Windows XP)
Desktop #3: Windows XP
Desktop #4: Windows XP & *cough*Windows 7 (again have to swap out the hard drives, XP is more in use though)
Raspberry Pi: Unsuprisingly, Lubuntu. Thinking of putting 9front on it, if not that then just standard Plan 9.
Random Floppy Disk: MEOS (one of those "Micro OSes")

All are on actual hardware, never cared much for VM's
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Posted on 07-21-17 02:04:02 AM (last edited by hydra-calm at 07-21-17 02:07:34 AM) Link | Quote
Right now, I use Arch primarily. Package management is lovely compared to debian-based systems, as is rolling-release. I'm getting a bit leary of systemd these days, though. I'm thinking I'll either give Gentoo a proper shot on an x86 machine (my only experience with it is messing around on an old powerbook, which I'm sure isn't the most representative) or see about grafting in OpenRC. Used to use Win7; 10's telemetrics pushed me into switching to Arch full-time.

Maybe also noteworthy, I picked up a T2-based SPARC box a while back, and haven't been able to decide if I want to go the path of least resistance (Solaris) or use OpenBSD. I'd have access to hardware virtualization in the latter case, but not ZFS. Guess it's pointless until a concrete use presents itself for the thing...

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Posted on 07-21-17 06:40:57 PM Link | Quote
I've always heard Arch was a total pain in the ass to upgrade and the result was often "just reinstall a new version". Has that changed?

Right now I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 (I think? the laptop at home might be 17.04) but I'd like to try out one of the other flavors like Xubuntu or Mint for better window managers and no compiz.
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Posted on 07-21-17 06:54:55 PM (last edited by hydra-calm at 07-21-17 06:55:14 PM) Link | Quote
I don't know if my experience is typical, but I've experienced relatively little breakage after upgrades. The major incident I remember was a KMS bug with my T60 (X1400 on that mobo, I think?) that gave me a completely black screen. Thankfully it was fixed pretty quickly -- I just downgraded my kernel for a few days, which while it probably wasn't the intended solution, worked well enough. Also, there were a few times when my upgrading my glibc broke TI's debug probe drivers and that sort of thing, but that's more on TI (and seems to no longer be an issue AFAIK). Otherwise, I've had very little trouble. My T430's been running the same Arch install since 2015ish and seems pretty happy.
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Posted on 07-22-17 05:49:51 AM Link | Quote
Update to my OSes: Replace Tamaki's Mac OS X 10.4.11 with 10.5.8, then add a 15" PowerBook G4 called Rin that's also running OSX 10.5.8.

Rin still needs some parts and whatnot (she has an amazing keyboard right now...) but once fixed, I'd like to promote her to "Main Systems" probably replacing Kyouko (Dell Latitude C640).

That guy who worldbuilds
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Posted on 07-22-17 05:52:38 AM Link | Quote
Stillstorm (DIY desktop) Mac OS X 10.12.6
Ashrain (2007 MacBook Pro): Mac OS X 10.10.5
Talon (2007 MacBook): nothing
Spiral (Samsung Galaxy S 6): Android 7.0
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Posted on 07-22-17 06:00:10 AM Link | Quote
Main laptop: Arch/Win 10 dual-boot
Old desktop: Win 98SE
Another desktop: Nothing, thinking of trying out making a Hackintosh
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Jul - Computers and Technology - What's your OS(es)? New poll - New thread - New reply

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