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11-18-18 07:26:47 AM

Jul - Display Case - Did you do that New poll - New thread - Thread closed
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Posted on 02-26-11 05:15:36 PM Link
fuck i am having so much joy please help me though.  you see the problem is that my mom is really mad at me what do you do?
option a: "mom im sorry"
option b; "i hate you mom"
option c; "ok lets settle this once and for all its improve rap battle"

if you picked option a go here aww thanks son "no problem mom i love you but can you buy me lots of toys and stuff im spoiled" ni im not buying you any toys you little fucker get the fuck away from me. mom goes and grabs a toilpin and knocks everywhere wheres it going? a boy where in for an adventure. i run to try and grab the toil pin and grab it but the mom grabs my leg. she is slowly turning into a dragon.  i will get you arghh!!! "no mom buy me toys or i will shoot you" no you get no toys i will bite your leg off. she takes a bite and it hurts so much i get up and start hitting her with the toil pin. good she passed out i think ill be okay.

if you picker option b go here thTS TOTALLY MEAN BUT ITS OK THAT THE WAY I WANTED YOU TO GROW UP YOU HAVE TO KILL EVERY (sorry i just noticed i had caps on) bully in your sckoool that s how the cool kids go i raisd you well "but mom that's mean i dont wanna gorw up to be like this!!!!!! oh oh o n oh no hon" its ok son your on you're way their it'll be alright i am a good mom.

option c: me: 123 i grab the tree im gonna pee and i see a bee it stings my peepee and it hurts and i scream wee! but i know my knee will be like you and me together i like the wii we are playing really? yeah for real lets eat some viel chops botty bops i smakc and sttack have a rat sandwhich will ya i got a gun right pa? no get out i began to poout and then he shouts mr man i am gay im a faggot. Yeah beat that mom
mom: you suck at rap shut up mean im signing and rapping so good youll never beat this is impossible for you you ctry baby.
aww man you are too good at rapping "its ok son"

See? no matter how you looking at this its the psychology. you always have to think it through be careful though unl;ess you are abosliutley sur e do you think you can do it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH IM CRYINGGGGGG i hope so live on have traces. im actually tracing blood from popl tommorrroow and i hope it itll will be right. Nick is datying him but its ok because i got out fasst enough to grab the burrito an
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Posted on 02-26-11 05:18:59 PM (last edited by Q at 07-11-17 05:29:39 AM) Link

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Jul - Display Case - Did you do that New poll - New thread - Thread closed

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