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09-18-18 04:02:25 PM

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Seeker of the tru7h
Level: 99

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Since: 08-02-07

Pronouns: she/her
From: Nowhere

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Posted on 08-29-10 12:03:14 PM Link | Quote
Stop having brithdays when you haven't been born yet. It's really weird and shouldn't be possible.

...And while you're at it, stop delaying your birth. It, too, is really weird and shouldn't be possible.

The Red Snifit

Level: 244

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Since: 07-03-07

Pronouns: they/them, she/her, etc.

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Posted on 08-29-10 12:50:34 PM Link | Quote
Happy 255th birthday, Joe
Rest In Peace

Level: 194

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Since: 09-01-09

From: Seattle

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Posted on 08-29-10 02:07:45 PM (last edited by Terra at 08-29-10 02:08 PM) Link | Quote
Happy -1st birthday, Joe! You'll be conceived in about 3 months and born in a year, so get ready for the world

*throws a negative cake at Joe*
M'Lord, there's a knife in your head!
Level: 143

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Since: 02-15-10

From: Maine

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Posted on 08-29-10 02:10:19 PM Link | Quote
I don't think we can call it a birthday if they haven't actually been born yet. Therefore, another proper congratulatory message must be created solely for this event.

Star Mario
Placeholder Ikachan until :effort: is found
Level: 163

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Pronouns: they/them, she/her
From: Santa Cruisin' USA

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Posted on 08-29-10 02:47:16 PM Link | Quote
Happy non-birthday, Joe!

Holy SwordsMan
Level: 130

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Since: 01-12-10

From: Las Vegas, NV

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Posted on 08-29-10 03:58:54 PM Link | Quote
Happy pre-birthday
Miss Dani
Level: 134

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Since: 10-23-09

Since last post: 6.0 years
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Posted on 08-29-10 04:00:55 PM Link | Quote
Happy negative birthday, Joe! =P

Just one year to go...
-The Chaos within trumps the Chaos without-
Level: 185

Posts: 6352/12211
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Since: 07-03-07

From: 52-2-88-7

Since last post: 3.0 years
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Posted on 08-29-10 05:11:03 PM Link | Quote
A happy unbirthday to you, and you, and you, and everyone else in the thread!
my heart is beating
in a different way

Level: 90

Posts: 863/2480
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Since: 02-01-10

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Posted on 08-29-10 09:59:14 PM Link | Quote
dude, stop breaking the Super Mario Bros

so, how old are you really?  
Trudging Scribe
Level: 244

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Since: 07-22-07

From: Coral Springs, Florida

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Posted on 08-29-10 11:42:00 PM Link | Quote
Yay Joe! Have fun on your non/pre/post birthday!
Common spammer
Level: 105

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Since: 08-02-07

From: Pororoca

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Posted on 08-30-10 03:51:54 AM Link | Quote
Thanks, guys.

Looks like I missed my rainbow name, though. I was too busy partying.

Originally posted by krutomisi
so, how old are you really?  

You could measure my age as the duration during which a particular arrangement of atoms could be identified as being part of myself; however the presence of such an arrangement should affect all matter for all time, suggesting that my existence could be known as early as a fraction of a second after the Big Bang and possibly earlier than that. Furthermore, time itself is entirely dependent on the movement of matter. Since I am making physical movements in the process of presenting this text, I am affecting my movement through time and therefore my age. Since it is impossible to observe anything without affecting it, I can safely say that my age is indeterminate.
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