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10-20-18 06:11:46 PM

Profile for Cyro Xero
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Cyro Xero: The essence of Ice, Electric and Energy
People have visited my profile bio pagetimes!

Well, as you can see this my bio. Interactive content is what I go for. I don't always find things interesting to put in here but once in a while I do.

Newest magic elemental created: Anti-Magic Elemental
Current Spell Count Milestone:- 200+ Spells

Here's a table of some spells that I've created:
Magic Spells
Click on a spell to view its description.

Fan Windmill Astael Astral Ion N.A.H.B Firestorm 2
Ice Ice 2 Ice 3 Ice 4 Ice 6 Sanctuary Jet Flare
Proton Rave Fission Fusion Geyser Grip Sonic
Void Crumble Negative Fire Ozma Blast Star Blast Spell Freeze Fusion Negative
Cannon Boulder Blast Core Neutron Microwave Solar Flare Dreamful
Absolute Xero Black Hole Cyro Degrade Plasma Flare Quasar Static Field
Fissure Heaven's Gate Nova Blast Oceania Omega Blast Prism Taxt Utaht

Spell of the Moment
A new spell is put up every week, so be sure to check back here.
To view past spells of the moment click the button.

Click here to view the past spells that were up.

Spell# 22 of 205-

Sand Stream- A long, thin and powerful stream of sand that pierces a target�s magic barrier.
[Elemental- Earth]

Of all the Earth elemental magic, Sand Stream is probably one of the most used spells. It is strong, long lasting and very effective at piercing through barriers that reduce magical damage or even block spells. In fact, Sand Stream was designed to have the piercing trait, allowing attackers to have means of easily defeating defensive opponents. This spell packs sand into a long and thin wavy beam that launches at the target. The smooth water-like flow and slight wave pattern of the stream mimics that of a piece of string blowing around in the wind. The sand for the spell is also acquired in one of two ways: it can either be drawn up from the ground, provided there is enough to sustain the total lenght of the spell, or it can simply be manifested through magic energy. There are rare instances in which Sand Stream is divided up into two or more streams of sand of equal size. Unfortunately, the power of the spell is also divided among each stream. It is currently not known how this happens, but at least it provides intimidation to those who have never seen or heard of the unusual phenomenon.

What if everyone suddenly got "roid-rage" at a bodybuilding gym? I can imagine a bunch of 45 lb weights being thrown across the room.
"Aw duude... they got delled."

Weird and interesting view numbers gotten so far:(Xeogaming) Forums

Projects and Ideas to come:

Sim Battle Challenges
My Grand RP
Love Story RP
Board Cards Quest

*Board Accomplishments!*
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My Score: 61/90

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Cyro Xero

Level: 1

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Since: 05-20-13

From: <b><font color=00ff00>Minnesota!/ Maple Vally, WA</font></b>

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Posted on 10-20-18 06:11:46 PM
Sample text.
Originally posted by fhqwhgads
A sample quote, with a link, for testing your layout.
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