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12-12-18 02:07:00 PM
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Jul - Projects and Creations - Kirby vs. Shy-Guy
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Posts: 1028/1028
Great stuff as always Peardian, I always love coming back and catching up with these. Bringing them has always been a treat.
Posts: 7324/7439
@SuperBluey2749 Yep, the comic has been going for over 12 years!
@Ramon: I'm glad you like it. That's exactly the sort of feel I'm going for.

Finally, here is the next strip! A case of writer's block got in the way of making this one.

Comment: The second panel didn't turn out exactly how I planned it due to the hallway being so narrow.

The movie(?) continues in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 28/29
Whoa, this is still going? I remember reading it waaaay back in 2010, I think, when I was a newb in the internet.
Posts: 294/294
Wow! Well I'm glad this is still going! May I assume this is a Kirby dream/nightmare sequence he's currently in?

Anyway, love the typical dream-wtf feeling the last few strips give.
Posts: 7313/7439
I kept putting off this one because of the last panel.

Comment: At last, another battle with General Guy!

The battle begins in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 7289/7439
I hate to make a quadruple-post, but it's been three weeks. I wanted to make this one sooner, but I've been really busy at The Models Resource.

Comment: !!!ERROR!!! Message could not be loaded.

Kirby confronts General Guy(?) in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 7278/7439
Despite being sick, I made a new one! I wanted to make it sooner, but for a while my back injury made it hard to use the computer for long.

Comment: This seems... familiar?

The race continues in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 7272/7439
Surprise! I wanted to take a break from all of the model-related stuff I've been doing, so I made a new one already.

Comment: Yoshi got an upgrade.

Yoshi has an idea in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 7271/7439
First new strip of 2016! I wanted to make this one sooner, but various things got in the way of me writing it.

Comment: It's not easy to look around in 3D when you're 2D.

Kirby reunites with Yoshi & Co. in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 5192/5623
Oh no, it's the spirit of christmas nightmare!
Posts: 7246/7439
Surprise! A new one already!

Comment: This one took about three days to make.

I have yet to write the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 292/294
Finally, I've been waiting for an update :3

I'm wondering, are those really pictures or is it the "movie" of their story that happened? This is getting really mysterious right about now.
Posts: 7240/7439
Argh, three months again!

Part of the delay this time is because of Super Mario Maker and Undertale. The other part is because every time I've felt inspired to do something with the comic, I've spent the energy on getting ComicFury caught up. I don't update it as often as I should, but it is already halfway through the Reminox battle.

Anyway, have another one! I must have rewritten this one 2-3 times, which didn't help with my motivation.

Comment: Single-pixel colored borders? How 2005.

Yoshi & Co. run into some trouble in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 7188/7439
The next update is... right now!

I know it's been a while, but this time there is a good reason for it. I had to put together the environment for the next set of strips block by block, which took a long time. Since I went ahead and made the whole environment, I can make the next ones much faster.

Edit: Also, I've started putting up the comic on ComicFury! It will be a while before I get all of them up since I have to manually set stuff for each comic, but still!

Comment: Think something like Paper Mario.

Yoshi & Co. explore this new place in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 291/294
Hi Peardian, when can we expect another update of the comic? Just to let you know there's still interest in KvSG, of course.

Which reminds me, we haven't seen the main antagonist Shy Guy in a while :p
Posts: 10/11


hello good sirs
i do believe you
are trespassing


kirby story
toad force the moie
spy kids 2

Posts: 7132/7439
Sometimes I go back and read through all of them, too. It gives me a nice reminder of the type of humor I enjoy creating most.

Argh... yet again, two months passed. Work seems to eat up more and more of my time now. To make up for it, I went and made four of them at the same time!

Comment: Can't argue with that.

Comment: Never leave home without at least three swords.

Comment: The only way out is to go in. It's deep. Or something.

Comment: Perfectly normal.

Yoshi & Co. head inside the giant walnut in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 1019/1028
It's been awhile since I last saw this comic (even if ironically I only missed 16 panels), but catching up with the comic made me remember how much I love it, I might have to binge read it all from the beginning again so I get my fill especially since I was so used to you updating these weekly

Keep up the awesome work.
Posts: 7124/7439
Close enough!

Here comes another one! I put making this at the top of my priority list.

Comment: It's gotta be, like, at least 50 coins.

Yoshi and BG try to rescue Shy Knight in the next Kirby vs. Shy-Guy!
Posts: 5140/5623
But Peardian, they aren't hanging on the cliff, they got dropped from it!
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Jul - Projects and Creations - Kirby vs. Shy-Guy

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