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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?
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Picross S2 is another letdown of a game in the Picross series, but that's no surprise. It's an acceptable game (and having co-op play is always a nice bonus), but just... ugh.

The worst is that S2 added "clip mode" or whatever, so instead of just solving puzzles that look like something, you get... tiny, random-shape puzzles that don't really resemble anything, because they're all part of some larger picture. Except the pictures aren't very interesting, the puzzles are pretty bad (because they're not made to stand on their own), and just. bad. not good

It doesn't help that the game only reaches maximum-size puzzles (a pathetic 20×15) at the very last page, staying with "even the GBC could do this" 15×15.

And of course, Mega Picross is just the same 150 puzzles as normal mode, but with different 'mega' hints. Boring.

The sad thing is that there's a Kemono Friends variant of Picross, and while it's the same engine, they at least added a shred of life to it with the animated characters and theming...
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Non-lewd VNs.
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I'd embed but I guess I can't embed Twitter video here...
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Speaking of, I picked up the 3DS port of Superstar Saga really cheap a few months ago and started playing it this week.

I feel it's...significantly easier? than the original version, like the input timing is hella lenient compared to the original, which wasn't that hard of a game to begin with, the bosses drop their rare-unique items guaranteed, it seems. Plus there's just a bunch of extra badges/gear around that are upgrades.
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highly doubt it--at this point mario and luigi is being used to fill that hole, and it seems nintendo wants to further differentiate the paper mario concept from M&L... by introducing imo awful terrible mechanics
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I played a lot of Super Paper Mario a few days ago (only like, a decade after it was released? good enough), like, I beat the entire game in only 3 days. I thought I would end up playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy 2 over the weekend, but for some reason I got a lot more invested in Super Paper Mario at that specific moment. My thumb still hurts from pressing the D-pad too much...

Even though it's quite the change from the original formula, I still appreciate it for what it is. I wonder if they'll ever go back to the N64 and TTYD formula again.
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yakuza kiwami 2 is pretty fuckin good

and so is its RTS minigame theme song
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Gran Turismo 3: A-spec. I love the Mazda MX-5 that I've already tuned to 235hp
Zero One
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Finally beat Marvel's Spider-Man last night. That was a pretty incredible game, and I can't wait for the DLC to release. Gonna wait until December for them all to release, then tear through them when I'm off work.

My only real complaint is that the stealth system is a bit redundant. They've openly admitted to using the Batman Arkham games as a template, which is not a bad thing. The problem is part of that includes the whole Predator stealth system which just ends up feeling more of an afterthought than anything else. It's mechanically complete, it's just basically useless in the bits that would be really fun to use it in, like the enemy camp battles.
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Currently played Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. Might move on to Mega Man 11 later.
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Man, I really like perfect dark, I know I loved it a lot back on the N64 and I have not really seen any FPS that does as good mission design and structure since. :o
It has been many years since I have played it though, so I'm not sure if it would hold up. But I also can't really replay it, the control scheme is super awkward and makes it really hard for me to go back to it, to used to playing first person games on a computer with mouse. Or heck, you know, even the metroid prime games on the GC are a massive step up. So many people want to re-capture the doom era of FPS games, where as I have been sitting and waiting for something like perfect dark for around ten years now.

As for me, I have been playing a fair bit of Warframe. It's a pretty fun game IMO, but it's certainly one I would not play if I didn't also have some other friends who are into it. It'd be very lonely to play it on your own I feel.
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I beat Perfect Dark. God, I wish I'd beaten that game earlier, it's wonderful. It oozes heart and inspiration from all of its weird, slimy alien pores. The only part I really disliked was the last boss, who kinda sucked (the framerate is butt the whole time and there's not really any super great indication of what you're supposed to do), but the rest of the game? A++++ baby

Next I think I'm going to replay Chrono Trigger (my first time playing that game since I was 10 years old in 2001!) and proooooobably start Doom II; I dunno yet.
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Started playing Disgaea 2 after completing the first one.
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I'm playing Perfect Dark for the first time. My roommate's been pestering me to play it for the past 13 years (things that happened in the time that I've spent deferring playing Perfect Dark: 3 presidential elections (including Barack Obama's entire 8 years as president), Hurricane Katrina, the mortgage crisis and Great Recession, the death of Osama Bin Laden), me realizing I was trans, me coming out as trans, me getting on HRT (there's about a 4-year-gap between each of the last 3 events ), but I'm finally getting around to it!!

The level design's some of the best I've seen in an FPS (I think of the FPSes I've played DISABLED_only Doom beats it, but then I haven't played Doom II or 64 ), and the graphics are really, really, realllllly good for an N64 game holy crap they're genuinely impressive. The only criticism I have is that the framerate is awful, which, duh. It does get a little problematic when you're in a hectic situation where like 10 people are shooting at you, which is like, the worst time for the framerate to dip. (There is, hilariously, a hi-res mode that makes the framerate even worse -- I might play around with it later, but no way in hell I'm trying it on my first playthrough.)

But God is it fun in spite of that. I'm even going to go out on a limb here and say it's a massive improvement over Goldeneye, a pretty good but not amazingly great game. I also genuinely think Goldeneye is one of the ugliest games on the N64, so the fact that Perfect Dark is one of the best-looking shows how much Rare had honed their talents towards the end of the era. They really hit their peak around that time, and it's a shame they only had about 2 years left before they completely collapsed.
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Originally posted by Xenesis
Timespinner, a game I kickstarted 4+ years ago came out for backers thus weekend. I uh, spent almost all Sunday playing it.

So I got the official 100% of this today, but there's still some tracked challenges to do like no-damage no-timestop for all the bosses and filling out the bestiary, but that's only if I want to.

I might.
Posts: 23358/23358
I feel like the plot of a Just Cause game is largely an excuse to justify giving you a ton of stuff to blow up everywhere, so that's not too big of a surprise.

Here, The Golf Club 2019, since KS and Raspberry are both playing it. I don't find it quite as fun as the old anime golf games, since it's a lot less clear about how things work, and the options for character customization are... sparse, to say the least. None of the options look good. And for some reason they made sure to give you several options for pimple placements, which. ew.

The commentator in the game is also exceedingly bad.
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Aside from Minecraft yet again, I've been playing Just Cause 2. It's got much more of a quantity of quality approach than most games I think. You can get a pretty good indication in the first hour of what the game is like, and I can guarantee that if you don't like that you don't like the rest of the game either.

In it's credit and I feel to it's detriment the main plot is very short though, and you're mostly free to do side missions and faff about blowing stuff up in the intermediate time. It does limit the amount of overarching plot...
Also, it feels like as far as Panau is concerned the populace loses out no matter what happens.
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Guild Wars 2: Path of Free (playing without paying).
It's kinda complicated. Maybe a little too complicated. I only get 2 character slots, and I want to make more, but I must pay 800 gems per slot. To obtain these gems, I must get TWO sets of 5,000 achievement points (5,000 points generates 400 gems). To get these points, I must do all manner of things in the game, and only the ones that are access-only-to-paying-users have any good value number of achievement points. The sad part is it's got a REALLY good character creation system, which is pretty much the whole reason I got it (I operate it from an external hard drive because the game files are 40.43 GB, occupied mostly by one .dat file, which I cannot edit to mess with the game because I only have 8GB of RAM). This is why I quit using Steam. I cannot befriend anybody until I pay, I cannot send messages until I pay, I cannot comment on anything in the forums until I pay, I cannot access certain locations until I pay, I cannot buy certain weapons until I pay, I cannot earn sufficient points of any type until I pay, and if I did pay, it would automatically open up enough features that THE BENEFITS OF PAYING BECOME MOOT (except the gameplay experience).
Thankfully, you don't have to pay to join a guild, or else the goals would be unattainable and defeat the purpose of free gameplay entirely (a scent so strong you can almost taste it, but you can't sample it unless you pay... except then you get the whole meal). This is why full-version trial periods exist WITH basic free versions. All I can say is I am glad there is freedom in this game and I have no time limit, especially since I AM IN COLLEGE and have schoolwork to keep me otherwise busy, which makes me wish there was an idle skill-building feature.
I can say there are like ZERO bugs and ZERO lag, so that's a plus-plus.
If they could change one thing, I want the characters I interact with to speak their full dialogue rather than making me read it. I AM AN AUDITORY LEARNER. There are NPCs galore that you can't do anything more than GREET, but if you are present at the right time, they'll have LONG conversations that really don't have a great impact on the story. SO WHY NOT THE ONES THAT DO HAVE STORY IMPACT?
Detailed enough, Xkeeper?
Posts: 2524/2537
Timespinner, a game I kickstarted 4+ years ago came out for backers thus weekend. I uh, spent almost all Sunday playing it.
Posts: 23358/23358
I made a save file editor for that and gave myself wacky stats. Didn't beat the game, but did annihilate pretty much every achievement. It was a fun project for a while. I'm still waiting on D5PC to come out, because that'll probably be much the same.

As for me, a bit burnt out on Terraria, so I might use the Everdrive GB and play Mario Golf on a real console for a while.
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?

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