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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?
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Posts: 752/752
Mainly playing random things right now; some very unspecific, some very specific...

Specific: Voltorb Flip in Pokemon SoulSilver, ex. when on the bus or otherwise waiting for something.
Unspecific: Mid-90s to mid-2000s PC games on my newly built Athlon XP machine, like Unreal Tournament 2003.
Posts: 339/339
Right now I'm playing between Super Mario 3D World, and Zombi U.
Posts: 3035/3036
sands of time is really cool! it may have not aged perfectly, but at the time it was a rad as hell game with what had felt like a slick narrative delivery and a fun fusion soundtrack.
Posts: 126/126
Started playing one of the 3D Prince of Persia games (Sands of Time).
Posts: 749/752
Just finished Half-Life 2 for the first time. Originally played it on the Xbox 360 via the Orange Box, but as it has been years since I'd started (and never finished) that playthrough, I restarted a couple of days ago on the PC version. I'm not too great at articulating my thoughts about games and other media, but let's see regardless.

To start of, I really liked the game. It had a decent story with good storytelling, plus I'm starting to understand fan's frustrations about HL3 - that is, the lack thereof. (*1) Gameplay, soundtrack, etc. all good as well, not much to say there. I did get annoyed by some platforming segments, as well as an occasional lack of direction on the maps, tho especially the latter might've just been me not noticing certain things indicating the way. Initially thought the Gravity Gun was cool but not that useful, but going through the game (*2), I did warm up to it quite a bit. Graphically, the game's age does show when looking at it close-up, like certain textures, but I don't think it's detracting from the experience - I preferred it easily running at 60 FPS at 1920x1080, to it looking super-detailed and all.

Can't think of anything else; overall a really good game and I had fun playing it.

At least the ending to this one gets resolved in Episode One or Two... right? I sure hope so!

...throwing sawblades, picking up mines, eventually throwing Combine soldiers!

Zero One
Posts: 5160/5163
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I've had it a while, but never progressed particularly far. Since I've had a bunch of time off work, I decided to get into it.

I definitely think it's better than Human Revolution. They got rid of the yellow filter, so everything looks much nicer. No boss fights is an interesting take; I guess probably to avoid the whole fiasco with the boss fights in HR. Instead of having 2 hub worlds, it's just one large one, that's been nicely fleshed out.

Unfortunately, the last third has kinda killed my momentum as
you're forced into an area that's completely locked down, so you're shot on sight. Traversing the hub to go do your side missions is just annoying now.
Posts: 11087/11087
Originally posted by Dorito
the hybrid Persona/Bravely Default combat system

Oh god, now I'm supremely interested.

I'm flipping between Hollow Knight, Minecraft, and goofing around with the PSVR I picked up a couple weeks ago. Skyrim VR is rad as hell.
Posts: 3032/3036
I picked up Octopath Traveler last night and I'm really liking the hybrid Persona/Bravely Default combat system

also the VA isn't trash so hey!!! yay

loving the look of it, it's like an exaggerated FF6 in 3D

Posts: 118/126
Playing Kunio no Oden (or as what I like to call it, River City Puyo Puyo).
Posts: 72/72
Started Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, one third into the game rn (Ariel and Mariel battle).
Went with Zantek. It's okay.

Also at Mt. Gagazet on Final Fantasy X. Currently grinding a bit.
Love its story but difficulty spikes are fucking dumb.
kimahri is my boyfriend
Posts: 3029/3036
Originally posted by Zero One
I bought Yakuza 0. It's absolutely insane, and I love it, and I'll definitely be getting Yakuza Kiwami after I'm done. Just wish there was some decent defence against being knocked down.

Unknown Richard
Posts: 362/362
Just got a glimpse of my friend and his group making a specific vault from the Fallout games in a 7 Days to Die server w/Valmod. It looks pretty good but it tanked my frames inside. Probably because the game isn't optimized well but the fact that I have an older i5 (the 4440) is showing its age.

Speaking of Fallout, I started to play the 4th game for a little bit and I got mixed feelings about it. Maybe some mods might improve the game but given I bricked the progress when I modded New Vegas heavily in one zone (probably an access violation error I don't know) I'd rather play it with the unofficial patch and that only.
Posts: 2869/2878
I've been playing through Ogre Battle 64 again for the first time in years. I think it has aged really well for a N64 game, and it's still pretty engaging. I appreciate the plot with its war drama and political musing a lot more now that I'm older too.

I've also been playing Metal Gear Solid V (both of them). It's the only other Metal Gear game I've played except the original Metal Gear Solid (although I know of the other games a bit), but I'm enjoying it. It's one of the few modern AAA games I've played in years, and it's definitely a very different experience than I'm used to. It seems like it's more focused on gameplay and less focused on Kojima-flavored plot goofiness, so it's probably one of the more accessible games in the series.

Posts: 7390/7406
Slowly, ever so slowly, making progress through Breath of the Wild. I finally decided to venture into Hyrule Castle, even though I haven't been to the town yet. The music is awesome and very fitting. I got all the way up to the central tower of the castle, but I didn't fight Ganon. I want to try exploring the town first and try to find me a Hylian Shield, which I hear is somewhere in or around the castle.
Zero One
Posts: 5155/5163
I bought Yakuza 0. It's absolutely insane, and I love it, and I'll definitely be getting Yakuza Kiwami after I'm done. Just wish there was some decent defence against being knocked down.
Posts: 338/339
I've been playing some Doki Doki Literature Club...
Posts: 744/752
As mentioned, started replaying Pokemon Crystal after replacing its battery. Going to be playing this only on stream for the moment, too; if anyone wants to check it out, the first part is here (for however long past broadcasts stay on Twitch), played up to saving the Slowpoke in Azalea Town.
Posts: 143/158
I've been doing stuff in Viscera Cleanup Detail again lately, and I've also just completed Guardian Of Paradise this morning. It's quite a nice game.
Posts: 2497/2510
Originally posted by Dorito
Originally posted by Xenesis
I also started playing Nier Automata recently. It's certainly a strange game. I've also been casually playing through Life Is Strange.

excellent choices

i'm really curious with how you take nier especially, it goes places man. if you're on board it's really like nothing else

I'm enjoying it a lot, but ye gods am I bad at it. I'm burning through so many healing items constantly.
Posts: 1925/1957
Originally posted by Rambly
update: i'm playing ragnarok online with my friends again

you can feel free to double-check the post date but it won't ever change the fact that i authored this post in 2018

i quit ragnarok online which was a good idea

now i'm just tryna get all the emblems in sa2:b for w/e reason (i never did it as a kid)

someday i'll play nier automata, and that day will come when the rest of the world plays the original nier
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?

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