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10-23-18 01:43:33 AM
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?
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Reaper Man
Posts: 6/6
Quake Champions, literally. I'm waiting for a match.
Posts: 20/20

Some online fights tonight. Also some stuff below:



And most certainly here.

That last was the captain of the gravy train.
Posts: 147/147
I'm currently plaiyng Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 + 2 on the Nintendo Switch.
Posts: 19/20
I have still not tried the Adrenaline + whatever GBA title method yet. I should probably get on that.

I know mGBA is attempting to make it native but even the 0.7 beta doesn't really do the job.
Posts: 778/778
Haven't tried GBA on Vita yet, but there was some emulator on PSP that was pretty much perfect in terms of playability - some version of gpSP that I don't remember exactly. Played a lot of Drill Dozer that way, IIRC. I would've thought the Vita to be more than capable of pulling that off, too...

I guess it's the lack of dedicated emulators specifically tailored for Vita, versus a frontend and set of cores that just happen to compile for it as well?
Posts: 18/20
That seems to be the going consensus that 2005 is about as good as it gets in general.

Kinda peeved because I figure it should work fine with most things on the Vita but at least it plays better than most GBA titles do. Haven't found better than RetroArch for a lot of things Vita, really.
Posts: 777/778
Yep, Snes9x 2005, and yep, Chrono Trigger also suffers from slowdown. Seems to be especially bad whenever there's any color blending and such going on, like the fog on the 600 A.D. overworld, or any magic effects in battle. The 2002 core is faster, but in turn has missing or broken effects - the menu background gradients look terrible already -, and still stutters somewhat in some areas.
Posts: 17/20
You using the 2005 core on that?

I could never get Tetris Attack to work full speed on Vita. Comes damned close on that core but it always suffers slowdown at some point, just a bit.
Posts: 776/778

PS2 PAL version on PCSX2. Technically at the start of Episode 3, but I'm mostly just messing around in the Item World right now, I guess.

Also Chrono Trigger's SNES version, emulated in RetroArch on the Vita. Currently working on fixing the Masamune.
Posts: 16/20

I am right that there is no Twitter embed tags by now, yes?
Posts: 23358/23358
Picross S2 is another letdown of a game in the Picross series, but that's no surprise. It's an acceptable game (and having co-op play is always a nice bonus), but just... ugh.

The worst is that S2 added "clip mode" or whatever, so instead of just solving puzzles that look like something, you get... tiny, random-shape puzzles that don't really resemble anything, because they're all part of some larger picture. Except the pictures aren't very interesting, the puzzles are pretty bad (because they're not made to stand on their own), and just. bad. not good

It doesn't help that the game only reaches maximum-size puzzles (a pathetic 20×15) at the very last page, staying with "even the GBC could do this" 15×15.

And of course, Mega Picross is just the same 150 puzzles as normal mode, but with different 'mega' hints. Boring.

The sad thing is that there's a Kemono Friends variant of Picross, and while it's the same engine, they at least added a shred of life to it with the animated characters and theming...
Posts: 15/20

Non-lewd VNs.
Posts: 2/20

I'd embed but I guess I can't embed Twitter video here...
Posts: 2537/2538
Speaking of, I picked up the 3DS port of Superstar Saga really cheap a few months ago and started playing it this week.

I feel it's...significantly easier? than the original version, like the input timing is hella lenient compared to the original, which wasn't that hard of a game to begin with, the bosses drop their rare-unique items guaranteed, it seems. Plus there's just a bunch of extra badges/gear around that are upgrades.
Posts: 3059/3063
highly doubt it--at this point mario and luigi is being used to fill that hole, and it seems nintendo wants to further differentiate the paper mario concept from M&L... by introducing imo awful terrible mechanics
Posts: 480/484
I played a lot of Super Paper Mario a few days ago (only like, a decade after it was released? good enough), like, I beat the entire game in only 3 days. I thought I would end up playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy 2 over the weekend, but for some reason I got a lot more invested in Super Paper Mario at that specific moment. My thumb still hurts from pressing the D-pad too much...

Even though it's quite the change from the original formula, I still appreciate it for what it is. I wonder if they'll ever go back to the N64 and TTYD formula again.
Posts: 3057/3063

yakuza kiwami 2 is pretty fuckin good

and so is its RTS minigame theme song
Posts: 40/71
Gran Turismo 3: A-spec. I love the Mazda MX-5 that I've already tuned to 235hp
Zero One
Posts: 5164/5165
Finally beat Marvel's Spider-Man last night. That was a pretty incredible game, and I can't wait for the DLC to release. Gonna wait until December for them all to release, then tear through them when I'm off work.

My only real complaint is that the stealth system is a bit redundant. They've openly admitted to using the Batman Arkham games as a template, which is not a bad thing. The problem is part of that includes the whole Predator stealth system which just ends up feeling more of an afterthought than anything else. It's mechanically complete, it's just basically useless in the bits that would be really fun to use it in, like the enemy camp battles.
Posts: 133/133
Currently played Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise. Might move on to Mega Man 11 later.
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Jul - Gaming - What're you playing right now?

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