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12-19-18 08:34:03 AM
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Some unused Yoshi's Island stuff
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Thank you!

Wow, that message must be really old, considering the method of accessing Bonus Challenges. Makes me wonder if there are any other messages like that in the Japanese ROM.

EDIT: More translation requests:

EDIT 2: Nevermind, thanks again Tauwasser.
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Originally posted by GoldS
I hate to double post like this but I have a translation request.

"If you can find Bonus Casettes, you can enjoy Bonus Challenges! You can also gather Coins for the same benefit."

Bonus Casette could also be a very specific item that can only be found once. No plural in Japanese.


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I hate to double post like this but I have a translation request.

Anyone know what this says? It pops up when you try to access the removed bonus games. I can make out "bonus challenge" and "coin" 'cause katakana is easy mode.

Also, check this out. There are certain level slots that are occupied by copies of World 1-1. In the international versions the title card for this level is a garbled mess, but the Japanese version has a unique title card!

This translates into Yoshi's Island "Hollow Plains". Neat!
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Thanks for the tips. I've been going through all the background layers recently and I've found some neat stuff. The used moon background in 6-8 has clouds up top that can't normally be seen.

Looking through the different gradients, 13 out of the 31 available are unused! 10 of them are solid colors, but the other three are unused gradient color schemes. I'll upload those soon too.
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Great job on putting up all those graphics, GoldS. I look forward to seeing the backgrounds added to the article. I went ahead and added one of the unused tiles I didn't bother to put up, from the wooden fort tileset.

Speaking of backgrounds, I'd like to point out a few more that have never-seen portions to them. First, the pine forest background first used in 2-1 has some typical rounded-bar clouds all the way at the top. Second, the jungley-fortress-cave background first seen in the Bandit room of 2-8 shows at the top is actually open, with a silhouetted pine forest skyline.
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I really think I've seen it before. The tiles themselves are not stored with the rest of the world map sprites, and are not with the Mode 7 tiles.

Located it. It's stored with the selection hand and the stars that pop out of the selected thing. It could be just loaded in bulk with those things. Maybe it's related to the minigames?
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Originally posted by Peardian
That looks familiar... but I don't remember where. I think it's related to controls?

I checked, it's not there. The graphics are loaded on the title screen, so it might have something to do with the rotation of the island?
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That looks familiar... but I don't remember where. I think it's related to controls?

I used a program to decompress the graphics in the whole rom and just loaded it in yy-chr.
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Oh, right.

I'm pretty sure this isn't, though

How did you find stuff like the Dragon Coin anyway? Is it loaded during a level, or are you using some kind of special format to view the ROM?
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Originally posted by GoldS
This is loaded with the bonus game tileset. Is this used anywhere?

Yes, when you beat the "flipping tiles" game where you can get Toadies that give you nothing, and if you don't hit the hidden Kamek tile at all, he flies out of it.
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This is loaded with the bonus game tileset. Is this used anywhere?

Posts: 17558/24728
Makes you wonder what else they stuffed down there.

But hey, at least they just moved them instead of deleting them.
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This is partially to remind myself to rip the unused castle tiles, and also to post a little unused sprite behavior I remembered.

Cactus Jack, the weird little Pokey ball enemy that drops down in 2-5 and 2-6, has an unused property where placing the sprite in an odd column causes three to fall down and stack on top of each other.

Edit: Just found some abandoned sprites in the second room of 3-1 (room 4A). Some Grinders, a Piranha Plant, and a Watermelon are placed a whole screen below the main path, putting them in the middle of nowhere and inside the mud. Note that the watermelon is positioned directly next to one of the Grinders, instead of just using the Grinder-with-Watermelon sprite.
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Oh, nevermind then.

The thing with Yoshi's Island is, it doesn't load all of the background at once. Each background is (usually) 512x1024. I can use Eggvine to change the fixation so that the background scrolls the same as the foreground and can thus be ripped much easier.

Edit: Another small discovery. The last room of 2-7 has a helicopter bubbled placed inside the block ceiling in the first half of the room (with only the car bubbles). Seems like a silly place to park a helicopter!
Posts: 54/149
I forgot to mention that I altered some of those screen captures just so that every part of the background could be seen in a small image. As far as I know, the trees are always rendered that tall in the game.

Also, some tips:
The header bytes can be changed using PAR codes prior to entering a level.

7E0134?? Background Color/Gradient
7E0136?? Layer 1 Tileset
7E0138?? Layer 1 Palette
7E013A?? Layer 2 Image
7E013C?? Layer 2 Palette
7E013E?? Layer 3 Type
7E0140?? Layer 3 Palette
7E0142?? Sprite Set
7E0144?? Sprite Palette
7E0146?? Layer/Ordering Properties
7E0148?? Tile Animation (upper 4 bits of Special Effects)
7E014A?? Palette Animation (0-14) (lower 4 bits of Special Effects)
7E014C?? Layer 2 Scrolling?

EDIT: And if you don't have it already, vSNES makes ripping the full backgrounds loads easier.
Posts: 3557/7441
Oh, so you've already done the Layer 2 backgrounds and palettes? You should put that stuff up on the wiki.

I can provide full (or almost full) rips of the unused backgrounds if you want me to, with the help of EggVine.

hmm... Know what I just noticed? The background image I ripped in the above screen is the same one as the one you have their, but the trees in mine are taller. I used a really tall room (my background ripping room) for the shot, and those top branches were all the way at the top of the room. My theory is that the background actually adjusts itself so that the top part is always at the highest point and the bottom is always at the lowest, stretching the trees in hte middle as needed.
Posts: 53/149
This should come in handy for the unused layer 2 backgrounds and palettes.

I never made one for layer 3, though.
Posts: 3553/7441
I just made a small discovery of a different nature. In the cave room of 2-6, there's one part where you have to shoot a hidden cloud to reveal a door that leads to the bonus room. Strangely, there is a "secret entrance arrow" sprite directly below the same spot, but there are no switches in the whole level, so it never appears.

I also forgot about getting the bonus backgrounds, so hopefully this will remind me.
Posts: 3412/7441
Bit of an update: Maps of both unused rooms are up on the wiki now.

Next target?

The unused backgrounds.

Posts: 3349/7441
...dang, now I recognize those button things. Silly me.
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Some unused Yoshi's Island stuff

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