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12-13-18 06:20:37 AM
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Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - NSMB; editing pipes and vines
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Change save type to one of the 2 eeprom options in settings, assuming that is, that you are using an emulator. Otherwise, depending on your flash card, you may need to patch the ROM or update your card's firmware.
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You could have just made a new thread instead of bumping one from two years ago
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Hello, I am MarioGame2222 and I am new to hacking NSMB.
Well, I edited the first World (1-1) and now I wanted to try it out, but it say:
''Saved Data could not be read. Turn the power off & reinsert the Game Card.''
Why, and how do I fix it?

(I know that this is not the right topic, but I didn't found a ''Question'' Thread.)
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Thanks ^^
EDIT: I got rid of the extra pipe links and just left one and it works XD I also messed up the vine linking, and it brought me to the beginning of the level, which gave me an interesting level idea ^^
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Use sprite 155 for vines. You can see an example of it in the vine warp from 1-1.

This page describes it-

155: Warp to Level
Data: 0000 YEXX AUUU - Y = warp height (minus 1), XX = warp width (minus 1), E = destination entrance, A = destination area, U = unknown
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I'm having quite a bit of difficulty with pipes and vines, mainly because I started off using the NSMB editor v. 2.2 up until a couple days ago. So, with that said, stuff's been moved around sporadically. I've edited all of my graphic stuff fine, but the pipes are giving me hell.



The images labeled 1, 2, & 3 are the three links to go to area 3. The pipe which it leads to is object 54 (pipe facing down). The entrance link (in area 3) is placed on the bottom left corner of the pipe. All of the values on the entrance link are set to zero. I also have pipe 102 over pipe 53. Should it be the other way around?

There are two vine objects; one invisible, one in a brick. Is there a particular way to set these? They're not entrances, so I can't edit any values for them. I tried putting a link above one of them but it did nothing. As for the vine entrance in area 2, the link's values are all set to zero as well.

Any help on how these linkings work is very much appreciated. ^____^
Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - NSMB; editing pipes and vines

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