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I've started college this month. I don't actually have to pay tuition for it since it's public, and should everything go according to plan I should finish it by 2021. I have more free time before and after classes in here than I had in high-school, which is a plus, but I do have to go there on saturdays as well.

Even though it's public, it's actually quite a good place and I'm liking it so far. Since I chose something programming-related, we're learning C and VBA in this first halfyear, along with many other side things. The day that I finally bothered to learn something other than JavaScript has arrived, late, but it has arrived.
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I've had an awful Sunday but things are slightly getting better for me.
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Could be better, but after having to deal with much, much worse two months ago, I don't think I'm comparatively feeling too bad.
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It has been a rough few days, ugh.

Hope everyone is doing okay.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
That's how most public transit is in the states, probably even worse if you're outside of a major area, if it's even available.

I live in a crappy little town that hardly has sidewalks
Of the closest two cities, only one has it's own bus service. There are railroads everywhere but they're not for public use.
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Pretty good.

In other news, why can’t I access the Discord server anymore? I don’t remember doing anything bad. I’m asking here because nobody contacted me about it.

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On a completely unrelated topic, I was visited by BOTH the Jehovah's Witnesses AND the Mormons today!
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PUblic transport is hit and miss in some countries. Even here in Switzerland, there are some spots with spotty bus service.

For my commute, I could use almost everything available. By foot (about 90min), bike (too hilly), bus (30min), car (15min) or train (7min).

Even if by car would be faster as traveling by train, I still prefer the train over it. And I use it during operating hours. But sadly, half the time I can't use them because thei're not running during the night.

So, I have a drivers licence. For cars and trains. ^^
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That's how most public transit is in the states, probably even worse if you're outside of a major area, if it's even available.
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I'd use the bus to get to work if it were practical. My work is located in a place where it would take two whole hours just to travel 6 miles (10 km).
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Ah, public transport. Perhaps this is why I get a little excited about the idea of self-driving cars.

Public transport here is patchy. It's good in some areas, and terrible in others. Some days everything goes smoothly, but there are enough days where three buses in a row fail to turn up on schedule, and then all arrive at once. Or the bus breaks down. Or there's an accident (which the bus is in). Or there's a bus masturbator. It's all an exciting experience.

Public transport was at least one of the major reasons I'd walk (for 50 minutes) to work instead of take a 15 minute bus ride (that may or may not turn up on time, etc). At least, when I lived a 50 minute walk from work…
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Originally posted by Sanqui
I just make use of the excellent public transport system we have here in Prague.

*jealously seethes in Santa Cruzian*

Like damn even being in suburban Chicagoland was better than this. Only thing about living here that I do kinda hate. The route I usually take to get into Santa Cruz proper runs every 30 minutes/hourly on the weekdays/weekends. It takes about 15-20 minutes to drive there. I get public transit almost always does take longer, but it's very restrictive on my weekend activities for sure.

Fare's also $2. Doesn't sound too bad, but we don't have a transfer system here. There are day passes for $6, but guessing when I'm going to actually need one of those is a crapshoot at best. And while we do have a bus that goes all the way up to San Jose, it's $7 one-way.
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I’m planning to buy my own Bamboo Bicycle someday soon. They look so cool. I can even insure it since it costs $500 atleast.
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I just make use of the excellent public transport system we have here in Prague.
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Originally posted by FieryIce
I live less than a mile from work, fortunately, so I get to walk to work! Shortest commute of anyone in the office

That sounds great! I used to live close to work and I used to love my walks. I read so many books (audiobooks)!
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I live less than a mile from work, fortunately, so I get to walk to work! Shortest commute of anyone in the office
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Seriously though, my mum gave me her old car a few months ago, and I use it a lot because it's a lot easier to get some things done with the baby that way. It means I can finally go to the library, or the shops (in a hurry), or places that public transport makes difficult (most places).
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Same here I just walk, bike, take a bus or call a taxi. I don’t want my own car. Not yet atleast.
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i just walk or bike
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Originally posted by Swingball
I wouldn’t want any of those things at all. I’d rather take a bus or a taxi than purchase a self-driving car.

I think the idea, eventually, may be that fewer people own cars. You tell some app you need a car and the nearest available one comes to pick you up. When you get to where you're going, it drops you off and you don't even need to park it or anything. In theory, that sounds kind of nice to me.

I'm sure they'll charge an arm and a leg for it though. Also, Uber want to be the ones to do this, and I hate them so very much.

We have self-driving buses here in Adelaide. Not many of them though.
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