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I don't really need tabbed playlists, but I do have a few of them (mostly "Library Selection" and "Everything, jesus fuck") ... I could get pretty decent mileage out of just loading a playlist in Winamp when I wanted a playlist.

My method for a long time was just loading a single file (NSF, RSN, whatever) or a single soundtrack's folder and listening to that. In fb2k I just use the album list for that, but it works out close enough anyway.
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Originally posted by Rambly
i use foobar2000 right now (with a slightly modified simple playlists layout); i've played around with Winamp now and then and it's fine, but the (apparent?) lack of tabbed playlists sorta was a deal-breaker for me
I completely overlooked that foobar2000 had tabbed playlists. I don't know how I managed to overlook that but I did.


this is from the Windows 10 laptop, which is not too old. Don't know how it is on my "main" laptop (Win7) but that counter is very likely much higher.
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Yup, Winamp still whippin' that llama ass here, too, some 20 years later. Never really warmed up to other players.
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I'm still using Winamp. Almost all the time since I searched for an mp3 player back in '99 or something.
Posts: 23358/23358

I have a feeling that first one is inaccurate, since I've only had the second computer for about half a year while the other computer has been running fb2k for multiple years.
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i use foobar2000 right now (with a slightly modified simple playlists layout); i've played around with Winamp now and then and it's fine, but the (apparent?) lack of tabbed playlists sorta was a deal-breaker for me

i don't tend to like the iTunesy media library-style music players that are all big and bloaty (i tried MusicBee and kinda hated it, and iTunes is just straight up unusable). i never use media library features and i don't really like them or understand their purpose

here's my foobar (it's purple because it used to match my windows theme but now it doesn't and i've been too lazy to change the colors), and here's my total playtime:

1wk 4d 15:07:09

it's not really all that impressive but i'm pretty sure it only goes back to january at the earliest
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i used to use windows media player for listening to converted video game music before i found out it can loop

after that i ditched it and went straight to fb2k
tried winamp for a while but it didnt sit right with me

so lets discuss about total time played
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Originally posted by Zero One
I passed my driving test!

welcome to hell!

actually just invest in two dashcams as soon as you can so any jackass that tries to pull some shit in front of or behind you is documented so you're safe, liability-wise
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The real test is avoiding all the idiots. Case in point, on the way back from dinner tonight:

- One idiot who turned left from the off-ramp into the wrong side of the road and had to reverse, with me and another driver next to us clapping at the display
- Another idiot at the very next intersection backing out of the straight lane to enter the left turn lane
- A third idiot ignoring one of the rare "NO U TURNS" signs to do a u-turn

All of this within 3 intersections. It's absurd.

media chat

Foobar2k user here. I miss Winamp Classic; the rolled-up view was nice. But Foobar2k lets me set Ctrl+>> to Next and Ctrl+Shift+>> to Next-Random... and it's a little easier to add my entire music collection in it, a 180,000-track playlist helpfully titled "just fuck me up fam".

I have very little "traditional" albums in mp3/ogg format; most of them are game soundtracks in native formats like nsf, gbs, etc...

I wish Acmlm would release a version of his mid2wav plugin for fb2k, though, so I could also import the huge mess of songs from vgmusic.
Zero One
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I passed my driving test!
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Originally posted by BatElite
Absolutely lovely, and if you take damage there's a nice nut-shaped hole.

I should get some Toffifee sometime
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I don't think I was at all observant about much of anything around that time (or even until MSN messenger started dying) but I'm still somehow nostalgic for UI that looks like that. Not even the chrome and glass stuff itself, take the HUD for this for instance:

Absolutely lovely, and if you take damage there's a nice nut-shaped hole.
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That is the most amazingly 90s thing I've seen all week.
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I used Windows Media Player for the longest time until I started finding Winamp plugins for playing video game music formats. The only reason I stuck to Winamp is because it was too much of a hassle to manage two.

I do miss the skin I had, though. It was really cool. I thought I had a picture of it, but I can't find it and can't remember what the skin was called. It was a sci-fi looking ring with circular shutter that could be opened and closed. Completely pointless, but it still looked really neat.

Edit: It seems I have lost my own picture of it, but I found one online! It's called Pulsar! Clicking the iris-looking button on the left would cause a metal shutter to close in on the entire glossy portion.

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I still use Winamp sometimes for the skins. I haven't found any sound difference between players, though I'm not a big audiophile.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a fondness for WMP 10's UI, as well as the watercolor theme.
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I used to use winamp back in the old days, but since quite a few years ago I started to use Foobar 2000, and I basically never looked back. <.<;
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Are there many people here using Windows Media Player? I still use WMP12 to listen to almost anything, even though it runs into many more issues than say, MPC-HC for instance. I know there's many other better programs to listen to music, but I guess I'm just used to it at this point.

WMP11 sucked though. I always advised people who had XP to upgrade to 10 and not bother with 11. I miss mini mode sometimes...

Actually, now that I think about it, even though XP is obsolete at this point for most general purposes I still miss it's UI. Not Luna though, I mean, there's a sense of nostalgia with it, but it also feels kinda dated. The Embedded theme looked great, and I also remember using Watercolor right before getting a new computer. Royale is the most well known one, and I'm sure I used it for a time as well.
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This entire week I've been trying to track a cross-country package that's supposed to arrive today. Last night I get an email saying there's been delays because of weather, but early this morning there's an arrival scan at a UPS facility... less than two hours from my house.
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Ugh... Indigestion feels like your throat had a hole burned into it... Not a good feeling.

Glad you're better though!
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guess who woke up with indigestion today! (im ok now)
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