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I still use Winamp sometimes for the skins. I haven't found any sound difference between players, though I'm not a big audiophile.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a fondness for WMP 10's UI, as well as the watercolor theme.
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I used to use winamp back in the old days, but since quite a few years ago I started to use Foobar 2000, and I basically never looked back. <.<;
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Are there many people here using Windows Media Player? I still use WMP12 to listen to almost anything, even though it runs into many more issues than say, MPC-HC for instance. I know there's many other better programs to listen to music, but I guess I'm just used to it at this point.

WMP11 sucked though. I always advised people who had XP to upgrade to 10 and not bother with 11. I miss mini mode sometimes...

Actually, now that I think about it, even though XP is obsolete at this point for most general purposes I still miss it's UI. Not Luna though, I mean, there's a sense of nostalgia with it, but it also feels kinda dated. The Embedded theme looked great, and I also remember using Watercolor right before getting a new computer. Royale is the most well known one, and I'm sure I used it for a time as well.
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This entire week I've been trying to track a cross-country package that's supposed to arrive today. Last night I get an email saying there's been delays because of weather, but early this morning there's an arrival scan at a UPS facility... less than two hours from my house.
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Ugh... Indigestion feels like your throat had a hole burned into it... Not a good feeling.

Glad you're better though!
Posts: 64/66
guess who woke up with indigestion today! (im ok now)
Posts: 433/441
Oh, um, the installation problems were happening with his normal Gigabyte motherboard (which I think is working fine since he has Windows 7 and Debian 9 installed without any issues), while the crash-fest was happening with my old ECS one. Sorry, I forgot to clarify it!

I think the problems installing the other OSs were just bad luck in this case.

My old motherboard was having issues at start-up back when I used it in mid-2016. My father thought that it might be a bad capacitor and wanted to test it to see if he could fix it. Well, apparently after two years of not using it, it got much worse and now it just crashes at random, way too oftenly to actually do anything useful with it.
Posts: 486/486
maybe that's a bad BIOS?

I had an old motherboard that was like that once. could not install any OS other than Windows 98 on it (not so helpful as it couldn't even get on the internet, it'd try to force me to setup a dialup connection instead of just using the ethernet card).

turned out it was a Gigabyte motherboard rebranded by NEC, and NEC had to install their own customized BIOS on it (as well as other dumb shit like removing audio outputs??).

it took some trickery to install the proper Gigabyte BIOS on it (flash utility would complain about the BIOS tag being wrong, of course. but an older version of it had an option to force-flash despite that), but in the end that fixed the issues, Windows XP installed and ran like a charm.
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Sorry for not being here recently!
Posts: 432/441
While I was at my father's house, we tried installing a few operational systems on the extra HDD he had. We first tried Windows ME, which actually did install. The USB mouse wasn't working so we could only change the settings by using the keyboard. That said, it did not run at all. My father was wondering how it would react to being installed on a CPU way more recent than itself (an Intel DualCore E5500), and apparently it just decided not work at all. Welp. Getting the installer to boot was interesting too, we had to mess with some MS-DOS tools and Windows 98 files to create to make the right config for it.

After that, we tried installing Windows 10. None of the two DVDs worked, they each failed at different points of the installation with unknown errors, and mixing both of the DVDs worked for some time until it tried to get a file that apparently wasn't there anymore and then it failed as well.

Since then, he tried testing some other things. Apparently my old motherboard is simply crash-fest city, but the old GFX card seems to be working well for some reason? Either way, I'm still going to use the onboard one and wait until I can buy another better one (it was supposed to be this month, but with the HDD problems and all that, it got postponed to July).

Eventuallyâ„¢ it will be done.
Posts: 1743/1747
Well, social contact is definitely very good for you. People who have contact with others tend to live longer and tend to be healthier longer as well.

In other news, I'm going for a short trip overnight and it's freaking me out because it's the furthest I've ever been with the baby, and also the first time I've stayed overnight anywhere with the baby. I mean, not counting hospital.
Posts: 2/2
I know that it's a general rule of thumb that you need to keep in contact with others within at least one month. You gotta stick inside a person's mind, taking up a part of the brain's storage space. Kinda tricky juggling around social media accounts.
Posts: 1731/1747
It's my first Mother's Day!!

So far we're not doing anything special, my husband is just letting me be lazy. We'll go out for lunch later with my mum (aka "Grandma") and my Nanna (aka "Great Nanna") and eat junk and have fun and then I'll try to get the baby to sleep in his pram.
Posts: 1723/1747
I've never found anywhere here that sells fish tacos so the whole idea seems really weird to me
Posts: 15/17
Originally posted by Xkeeper
I wonder if Wahoo's Fish Tacos & More sells Wahoo tacos. Hmm.

According to their site, they apparently do!

Posts: 23358/23358
I wonder if Wahoo's Fish Tacos & More sells Wahoo tacos. Hmm.
Posts: 5559/5574

*Jumps into a painting.
Posts: 14/17
Let's not forget


Posts: 23358/23358
A trout for slapping, and a boops boops for booping.
Posts: 2487/2499
There's an animal for everything. Geez.
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