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Bowsette has taken over the internet!
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you guys ever get that feeling to archive stuff? ever since ROM files started to get scarce, my need to archive stuff for future use is rising faster than ever. it would be a shame to lose stuff i put so much time into years ago. i really dislike using cloud services since they usually have the mindset of ui design over functionality and i really like having physical storage rather than the usual digital solutions.

now that has a setback cause everything is produced so cheaply now, they're bound to corrupt in 2 minutes.
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i know they've been in talks for it for a few years now
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There's gonna be a sequel to Space Jam?
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double posting because my next thought is really important and I need to bump the thread
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double posting is cool imo
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i guess to summarize i just.

miss the conversational nature of conversation

if that makes sense

(i also really hate edit lines so i'm double posting SORRY)
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i think part of the problem for me is that i never initiated conversation. i always felt like i'd just be bothering someone. i never had a phase in my life where i felt really comfy just messaging other people with w/e, but lots of other people did to me

that was my favorite thing. when i'd get a message from a random AIM name and it's just some random content i don't know anything about and i'm like "uhh who?" and they're like "oh this is x from so-and-so" and i'm just like "oh! neat"

i don't even really lurk in discords anymore except a couple i just don't talk to anyone really
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I kinda forgot how to just message people and say "sup" and kind of idly shoot the shit over a couple of hours while doing other stuff, like back in the early 2000s with AIM. I'm always afraid I'm bugging someone or I'm going to say something really stupid. cuz I'm pretty sure I used to bug a lot of people lol. now I just lurk in discords
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does anyone else miss when random people would just message you on messenger programs and you'd just, talk about stuff

i miss like... having conversations with people. i miss learning about people and sharing experiences with people. i miss making friends

nobody has anything to say anymore because they've already externalized their every thought onto The Timeline for big companies to datamine
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I spent most of last night awake, having trouble falling asleep and I was thinking about how and why I have this problem anyway.

It's not a new thing and I've practically gotten used to occasionally going without sleep for a day or two but it is a pretty big problem considering I feel tired quite often and I end up having to find ways to keep myself awake.
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Originally posted by mycophobia
that screen shot makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

Same. I want to set up a Windows 2000 VM again.
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that screen shot makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside
Posts: 2002/2034
I started really craving Windows XP-era aesthetic stuff out of nowhere. Like, programs that don't fit the aesthetics of the rest of the OS and have weird soft rounded custom buttons, mIRC scripts with weird text displays, Luna, posting on InvisionFree forums, Winamp skins...

So I set up a VM. I didn't end up following that aesthetic quite specifically, though, but it's still very 2000s (and obnoxiously pink). I tried to make the playlist as "random assortment of songs downloaded off of KaZaA/Limewire and Gendou in 2007" as possible. I think I succeeded?
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I have no idea how long it's been that but it's been a while. I should update it again at some point.
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i just noticed ikachan's title (mouseover text) changed


bless ikachan
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
I think I'd almost prefer to have something outside the browser, but I'm not sure what that really means. Not that it matters, since almost anything else is sure to be Electron-based anyway.

Actually, e-mail clients typically still have RSS/Atom support. I used to use Opera Mail (which is where the e-mail features of the browser went after Opera 12), but they have abandoned it and left it to rot, so the closest alternative to it now is Thunderbird.

weird coincidence time: i happened to be listening to Thunderbird while installing Thunderbird, how about that
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I think I'd almost prefer to have something outside the browser, but I'm not sure what that really means. Not that it matters, since almost anything else is sure to be Electron-based anyway.

The funniest thing about RSS is that its assailant ended up getting murdered too — with the advent of Facebook pushing their "give us all of your news and stories, direct to our platform, and we won't give stuff back". Of course, even that's getting into fights with publishers (who are finally getting tired of Facebook's shenanigans) and Google's "AMP", which they heavily push in their own apps. (Or rather, heavily punish non-AMP publishers.)

There's a whole lot I could say about AMP.
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RSS software is scarce nowadays. I currently use an extension on Opera called Smart RSS, but there's an alternative called Erinome RSS for Chrome/Firefox. If any of you want to get back into using it, I heavily recommend this one.

Oh, I almost forgot, I use it for being notified about Twitch streams as well, but since most people stream late at night (when I'm sleeping), I miss almost every single one.

YouTube:*channel username goes here**channel id goes here for new channels that don't/can't have usernames*

Twitch Streams + VODs:*channel name*

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Yeah, they definitely attempted to murder RSS didn't they.
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