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Last night was Monday Night Bat:
Posts: 153/158
I wonder when we last changed the bulb in my room's ceiling lamp. I'm pretty sure it's been in there since before 2010 at least.
Posts: 7400/7403
Well, it seems iScribble finally died after all these years. I have just over 600 drawings saved from as far back as February 2008. Alas.
Posts: 1803/1805
Curse you for making me think of that Robbie Williams bullshit again.
Posts: 122/125
"Rock DJ" is a weird music video.
Posts: 120/125
R.I.P. Nikolai Volkoff and Grandmaster Sexay
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I had a dream that there was a thread on this board about people who modeled parts of their home/yard to look like locations from Super Mario Sunshine, such as a driveway that looked like the wavy water slide pathway in Bianco Hills. One person here posted a picture of their house, but then revealed that it was actually photoshopped because they had installed a giant green screen in their front lawn.
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I never got to ask about what happened to a couple of my former classmates (well not yet atleast). I wanna get this off my chest and ask someone who knows ASAP because it’s beginning to bother me.
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I'm feeling kind of sad that I never kept up my journalling once the baby was born. There's a few days, while I was still in the hospital, and then I just kind of got too busy actually doing baby stuff. So I have the pregnancy, but not all the baby milestones like smiling, and lifting his head up, and rolling, and crawling…
Posts: 214/216
This one "aspiring voice actor" guy on Twitter I've come across has an unhealthy obsession with making other VAs who are more successful than him his "oath brother/sister" or just act like they're people he knows beyond just following them on social media and it's probably biting him in the ass right now
Posts: 446/448
I never really wrote anything like a diary until this year, because usually I was always good with making sure I understood most of what was happening around me. This year I started to lose track of everything somehow and had to devote some time to catching back up with myself.

As things improved last month, I started writing to it less and less. There's still a lot of unsorted stuff that I'm not sure I'll ever post about, but, I guess it exists still to an extent.
Posts: 7/11
When I was in high school, I had a laptop where I would keep a folder of personal notes.

Those few years were particularly hard to deal with because of trouble interacting and socializing (not to mention the death of my dad around that time too) so having a personal private place to keep my feelings and venting was a wonderful thing.
Posts: 747/750
I've never had a physical diary, only different blogs - mainly one that I think only my best friend at the time knew about, which (despite being public) had more of a personal bend to it, and one I had on LiveJournal for quite a while, which had somewhat less personal, more superficial posts overall.

And sometimes I do think I should try to keep a diary of some sort again, be it digitally (either a blog, or just local text files) or be it physically...

Also, reading StapleButter's post, I do recall a couple of times where, when I felt really terrible, or when I had just argued with mom, or other things like that, I would write down my feelings in a text file, put that onto a floppy disk or burn it to a CD, and put it somewhere where mom would find and read it the next day or so. It usually helped patch things up a bit, tho the time when I did that (the years post graduation from Hauptschule, before [being forced to] moving out and getting psychological help) was very rough regardless.
Posts: 1782/1786
Never kept a diary either, even though my parents would occasionally tell me to have one.

- I was/am not good at writing
- . Of course it's
Posts: 95/98
I never kept a single diary, but I've written in various journals over the years, many of them also containing ideas for games and stories that never got past the planning stages.

Last November I started what I called a "personal log" where I recorded my own private thoughts, but like many things in my life I got sidetracked and never came back to it.
Posts: 489/489
I don't have a diary per se, but

looking back into my old files, there are those letters and other writings from back when I lived at the shithole

where I've been exteriorizing my lack of self-confidence and a certain rage at my parents

I'm only glad to have moved out of that shithole and been on a journey of self-discovery not hindered by constant injunction to fit a mold that doesn't fit me

I'm considering sending those writings to my parents so maybe they'd get the hint

but most likely they'd rage over the bits that are directed at them
Posts: 1947/1957
i've had this tiny little diary thing (with a lock on it) that i've technically been keeping since i was 5 years old. i wrote some hella deep secrets in it back when i was a kid

i don't write in it too often anymore, though -- maybe once every couple of years i'll write a little "life update" post talking about where i am at the time of writing and write little notes about the people who are important to me. there's something nice about being able to look back, seeing how i've changed as a person and how much progress i'm making in one little book. and something about the permanence of writing about these people who have had a big impact on my life in ink in this book that's lasted 20+ years feels really important to me and makes me really happy i guess
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Originally posted by Sanqui
I've been keeping what cannot be called anything but a "diary" for 10 years and 12 days. Makes me feel old.

I looked at some of the entries I had written many years ago and then quickly closed them.

It would probably be better if I wrote more, but it's difficult...
Posts: 94/98
I've been trying to to think of positive things before I go to bed, in hopes that it will help me sleep better. Even if it doesn't work it's still helping me in some way.
Posts: 4/11
I probably won't be falling asleep tonight.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - What's on YOUR mind?

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