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06-22-18 11:01:08 PM
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Originally posted by StapleButter
Originally posted by RanAS
Excuse me while I steal post #457000.

pft. 456000 is a cooler number

Indeed it is. Indeed.
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Originally posted by RanAS
Excuse me while I steal post #457000.

pft. 456000 is a cooler number
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More things should have acapella soundtracks.
Posts: 1729/1729
I've been keeping what cannot be called anything but a "diary" for 10 years and 12 days. Makes me feel old.
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all i want now is a ladder amiibo
Posts: 40/42

αDid a bunch of pomodoros today. Forest's coin reward formula is a little weird; when you hit the 60-minute mark there's a significant jump. If we can keep it up at this rate, we might unlock the apple tree in a few days (that's the one most of us voted should come up next, probably for domestic chores)…

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Playing the Fire Emblem theme from Mystery of the Emblem with Bobby Roode's "Glorious" entrance.
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I've received more than 60 spam emails in the past 36 hours.
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you did it!
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Excuse me while I steal post #457000.
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a furry friend's shitposting resulted in him finding a bara artist friend's giant markiplier pic and now im just giggling over the word "macroplier"

also they were both french and both are mutuals with me on the twitters yet they had no idea eachother existed, it's wacky!!!!!!!!

Edit: also the sentence "(hey marge/holy crap lois) we're in undertale"
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I feel like becoming a post god and making a whole bunch of posts.
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I need to get up and make coffee for tomorrow but I don't want to get up and do anything…
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Originally posted by BatElite, about four months ago
I need to change my avatar on here. This one makes me look grumpy.

It finally happened.
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It's fun waiting for a "355 minute upgrade"

...wait, I think that estimate may be slightly off
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Welcome to Floor 20.
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I had a weird dream where I was in an unknown restaurant that was serving fried hands and feet.
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Figured it would be one, but nope, I didn't ^^"

Uh, is it this, Crash Different?
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The real question is if you get the joke. (Given its age...)
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*looks through Jul's smilies on Github*


... !

is not a "boat anchor"!
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Jul - Craziness Domain - What's on YOUR mind?

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