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01-22-18 06:44:14 PM
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Originally posted by wingedcatgirl
Cats. Cats are on my mind.


Cats are pretty awesome.

Mine is lazing in a sunbeam.
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Cats. Cats are on my mind.

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Fairy tales are fucking rad.
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I asked the obviously kayfabe Spike employee ranting on Twitter what they thought of the Star Wars marathons they would keep having at times and got no answer
Posts: 22841/22957
Is it still a raging dumpster fire, though?
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First it was called TNN, then it changed to Spike TV, Now the network's gonna be called Paramount Network.
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Anyone know how to fix an original DS hinge if the part that broke off was quickly found in one piece? Asking for a friend.
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Yeah, I'm aware of all this, although I'm guessing most software in businesses does fall into this category of never being done. I know at my work its always being changed because there are new products, changes to laws, changes to policies, changes to banking systems, management gets ideas, someone discovers a new and exciting way to break it, etc. Just… perpetual change.

Also I hate the dishes. So much.

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I mean, that honestly depends on the kind of software you're talking about, too. Super Mario Bros. is a game; essentially, playable art. While there may be updates to such a thing to better get across what the developer(s)/artist(s) behind it all intended to make it in the first place, or if it was the point of it to update over time from the get go, generally, games do not need updates in and of themselves except to ensure people can continue playing them - which is a purely environmental thing.

Then of course you have software that you use for particular things like Photoshop or your operating system of choice, which is subject to changing needs and expectations just by virtue of what it's made for. The software itself still doesn't change per se, but it does get less and less useful as time goes by.
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There are some replies to that that provide a nice counter-example. Sometimes stuff is just finished. Nobody's going back to Super Mario Bros. and demanding it be updated.

Software doesn't get old and grungy because it gets used. It only really needs that sort of care if the environment around it keeps changing.
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Every time I do the dishes now I am reminded of this tweet:

Software is "done" in the same way that the dishes are "done". Software, like clean dishes, is only done if you never plan to use it again.

This tweet.
My damn.
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Finally got the 600E on here and am now posting via Links. Might be better off with a smaller font, but I am very happy. I'll have to take a picture later. The display's a bit messed up, but I think it just adds character.
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I might have a cavity

Fortunately I've dealt with fillings before
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goddamn i'm tired
Posts: 73/89
What if Asagi (from Disgaea) invaded Fire Emblem:
Asagi Emblem: Shadow Dragon Zombie and the Prinny of Light
Asagi Emblem Gaiden
Mystery of the Asagi
Genealogy of the Makai War
Netherworld 20XX
The Binding Asagi
The Blazing Asagi
The Sacred Asagis
Path of Asagi
Radiant Asagi
Asagi Emblem Awakening
Asagi Emblem Fates
Asagi Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Makai Kingdom
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I have just realised I have not done my taxes.

(In Australia, tax time starts at the end of the ‘financial year’, which is June 30. I am a little late…)
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I need to change my avatar on here. This one makes me look grumpy.
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Extremely thick nog.
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Mango is not ideal for baby-led weaning. But it’s very funny.

Could somebody please clean all the mango up from my kitchen?
Posts: 27/54
PC suddenly decided to shit itself. Takes several minutes to boot and then doesn't display shit (or it might be so slow that I haven't had the patience.) Automatic repair is taking its time as well.

Meanwhile I have two things that I needed done by thursday and saturday. I more or less have a back-up for but not the other.
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Jul - Craziness Domain - What's on YOUR mind?

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