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Jul - Entertainment - I slept listening to a song on loop (again)
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I didn't used to, but lately I've been relistening to familiar podfics or the beginnings of familiar YouTube videos - mostly Clickspring for the latter - with the volume turned down very, very low as a way to get me to be still and not amping myself up with thinking while I'm trying to fall asleep.

When I'm awake, though, I listen to single songs over and over and over a lot. I think because the things I am getting out of the experience take longer than the single-digit number of minutes of the song's runtime, so I have to stick with it for a while.
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I still remember the days when I'd have the speaker of a Game Boy pressed to my ear, to listen to music from certain games for a long time.

Originally posted by Mistral
mobile music players

On Android, the situation is a little less dire than it's been on iOS ... even 3-4 years ago or so there was Modo, and there's droidsound-e which plays a lot of weird game music formats (even if it is a bit buggy sometimes).

Of course, ten years ago, my go-to mobile music player of choice was, of all things, the PSP, thanks to homebrew and whatever the often-used game music player on it was
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I grew up playing video games and never really listened to radio or music albums, so I'm accustomed to having endlessly-repeating background music. If I find a song that gets me motivated, I'll listen to it for hours while I work. However, songs with particularly distinct or jarring beginnings/ends don't really work well for this. This is why I like game music formats, since they can play seamlessly forever.

I don't listen to music for falling asleep, but I can see how it would be relaxing if the music is not too intense or attention-grabbing.

By the way, my record comes from when I was working on a web design project in college. I listened to Gloam Valley from Super Paper Mario for about 8 hours straight.
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Originally posted by Mistral
the song i've got stuck in my head recently is rude buster

This and "The Field of Hopes and Dreams" are looping endlessly in my head
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lately i get stuck on a particular song for ages,
and let it play on loop for hours on end
and yeah, often during sleep, as well
i have aspergers and adhd, and for some reason,
i cant get enough of certain songs
they just stick with me,
i have to have a way to loop them,
no matter where i am
that's part of why i made my own music extension channel on youtube,
so that i can just download or stream my own music extension videos
that, and the fact that on mobile devices,
they've only just recently started to catch up with PCs,
especially in terms of availability of video game music format players case anyone is wondering,
the song i've got stuck in my head recently is rude buster
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For a while I've listened a bunch to Mega Man (X) themes, the half-hour long loops you can find. I've finished those a few times too, but I don't think I've listened to anything on loop for hours on end.

I only really fall asleep with music on on the train or in cars (I think in the train it might help me with keeping time until I have to wake up somehow?), and in that case it's an album at most.

I listen a lot to albums, less so individual songs or loops thereof.
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I don't think I can really listen to music passively enough to do this -- my friend made a mix a while ago that he expressly mentioned was for sleep (probably tongue-in-cheek on some level, but eh). There was way too much to focus on for it to ever work that way for me. I could only do this if I'd been up multiple days first, probably.
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I've been known to loop songs for hours, so it's not unheard of. I don't sleep to it any more — a little difficult when someone else sleeps in your bed, too, and they might not appreciate 8 hours of (something) — but when I'm alone I'll still occasionally leave my laptop on the nightstand and let it quietly play something ambient or gentle.
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i've found trying to fall asleep to music has opposite the intended effect on me - i tend to focus on the music and listening to it keeps me up. if it's on loop, i pick it apart and listen to the different insteuments or melodies. i think this is called "deep listening"?

that said, things that do tend to help me sleep is hair brushing/scalp massaging ASMR, and..... watching speedruns
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Song in question was Polythene Girl by Feeder.

Does anyone else (particularly those maybe with autistic traits) find it relaxing to listen to a song on loop for a while? Just wondering.
Jul - Entertainment - I slept listening to a song on loop (again)

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