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11-17-18 10:42:03 PM
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Jul - Projects and Creations - I sometimes remix old-ish video game music
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Nice work! I'm not familiar with most of original tracks here, but your remixes sound nice.
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Now that you're all here, it's time to plug my Soundcloud

Sometimes, I fire up Logic Pro X and work on remixes of tracks from old-ish Nintendo handheld games.
Every now and then, a track sounds good enough to get uploaded to Soundcloud.
I'm planning to upload them to Youtube one day because Soundcloud is dying and its discovery is shit and its app is bad and so on
There are some tracks that haven't aged as well as I'd like, but hey, I'm still learning.

Here are a few remixes I'm proud of:

"Awake" from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, which is an awesome track from an awesome game. This is one of the first remixes I've made, but an update to Logic broke everything and now I can't replicate it. welp

"Indigo Sorrow Rhapsody" from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, or "hell yes, string instruments!" is pretty neat too. Most Castlevanias have kickass music, but this one especially so.

Here's the unused menu theme from Metroid Prime Hunters, but with more than potato samples per second.

Does anyone besides me remember Kuru Kuru Kururin? It was my first GBA game and one of its songs is forever burned into my memory:
the Cave theme.
(bonus track: check out that bassline)

Then, there's Spirit Tracks's opening theme because the NDS Zeldas were great.
This is less of a remix and more of a straight up remaster, since every recording of this on the internet sounds like it was recorded through a wall.

Another track from a game everyone seems to have forgotten: "Queen Heinderella (First Phase)" from Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble!
That game's soundtrack is all over the place, but this one is the only memorable track imo.

Finally, there's Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin's "Hail from the Past".
A great track for an otherwise forgettable level.

There are some other tracks on my Soundcloud profile, including two from NSMB, and also a playlist containing just the vocal tracks from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, if that's your thing.
Also, all tracks should be downloadable in a lossless format.
Jul - Projects and Creations - I sometimes remix old-ish video game music

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