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11-12-18 07:31:43 PM
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Saga Frontier: Alternate ways to learn Asellus's Mystic abilites?
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Captain Cupcake
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So as near as I can tell, Asellus's abilities are always learned in scripted events. Either in the fights with the sages, or in the fight with Furdo. But for some reason when I was streaming this game, I learned Mystic Glove in the fight with the two DeadKnights guarding the sword in Sei's Tomb. As far as I can tell this isn't documented anywhere. So my question in, is there any other place she can learn these that isn't known?

The fight starts roughly around 42 minutes in.

Edit: False alarm. The wiki is either wrong, or poorly worded (I haven't had a chance to test which). Quote from the wiki.

"There exists a very slight trace of this in the final, even the English version, as if you elect to fight Furdo before Asellus learns all three mystic skills, it's possible for her to pick one up here. This does not happen with any other optional bosses."

It actually IS possible to learn a Mystic Skill in any battle with her, as long as you transform with her. However in the fights with the sages, the game stealth transforms her without actually changing her graphics so you can pick them up even without transforming into a Mystic. At the moment I'm unsure if this applies to the Furdo fight or not, hence why I'm not sure if the wiki is actually 'wrong' or not.
Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Saga Frontier: Alternate ways to learn Asellus's Mystic abilites?

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