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Jul - General Chat - Exercise
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αWalking for transportation is a fairly regular thing for us, but it's been diminished lately due to a combination of financial/outing habits changing and Texas summer making it less physically palatable. Improvisationally dancing around is another thing, and that's been diminished lately by weird house nonsense resulting in space problems.

What we want to get into is a lot more basic core muscle training. Picked up a door-frame chin-up bar to give us more options (but haven't set it up yet); in retrospect I'm not sure that was the best idea, but the idea of having something to grab onto Right There in a doorway seemed compelling from a habit-building perspective.

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Sure, exercise...I've heard of that...heheh.

The most I do is occasional walks and cycling trips. That counts for something. I'd do swimming more but it seems that'd get much more expensive than the other two.
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Well, now we're 6 months into the year and I am STILL not finding any time to exercise! I still really want to, but I'm finding it so hard to find time to do anything.

Does lifting a 10.4 kg baby several times a day count as exercise? I also sometimes play chasey with him.
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I do the easy stuff. I stand in buses... I take the stairs instead of the elevator, and I take it two stairs at a time.

I enjoy long walks. And I mean long walks: 15km through the forest is amazing. Or, coming this Saturday, a traditional hike to Prčice. We're taking the 35km route with friends.

DDR is super fun! But I don't have time and space for it...
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It's Winter. Too cold to exercise!

I love to run up steep hills during warmer weather. Just force myself to run up the steep hills, and feel the body burn.
But at Winter, it's too cold to do this. Any temperature below 18c just feels like piercing ice to the lungs. You breathe in and out such cold air, it penetrates every part of the lungs.

I end up exercising better in 33c humid weather than 15c dry!

If I had the space, I'd buy some in-home exercise equipment instead.
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I should really exercise more... or at all. I used to go walking several times a week, but it's kinda hard to do that when it's dark before I get home from work.

For a while, I used Wii Fit U. Not sure why I stopped.
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The shuttlecock tends to sail down to earth at a more sluggish rate, so there's more of an opening to hit it in a decent way, and with its general weightlessness, it feels very gratifying seeing that thing go from 1 to 10 speed-wise because you smacked it with the racket. It really doesn't put too much stress on the body, though some running and quick reflexes are involved.
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Ahaha, it's nice to know that badminton is easy, because I have always had some fairly terrible skills when it comes to any kind of sport involving a ball. I'm guessing the shuttlecock is easier somehow?

Because I can't catch or throw a ball to save my life (OK I'm a bit better now but in school I was chosen last for most things) I always tended towards running, swimming, and walking exercises.
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If it's hard to really go anywhere but know someone who'd be down for it, badminton isn't actually half bad. In fact it was really one of two activities I learned in all my years of PE that I learned I was actually good at. There's a ton of running around, and hitting the shuttlecock successfully over the net takes practically no effort (at least, for someone who actually has a bit of issues surrounding one of my hands, but yeah. I'm a total geek physically and even I can manage badminton.)
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Well, we're 5 months into the year, and I've been thinking about how I wanted to lose my baby weight. So I started thinking about exercise. When I was pregnant, I would walk EVERY day, usually in the morning. But when the baby arrived, it started being hard to exercise.

Now, I hear some of you thinking, "but Tarale, exercise itself won't help you lose weight!" and I know that, but it helps your body in so many other ways that have a knock-on effect.

There's a really good book called Spark that I read a few years ago that goes into some of it, for the brain in particular (if you don't have time for a book, this YouTube video sums some of it up). For example, it can help with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more, through the ways it affects the brain's reward systems. And if your brain is functioning better, you're in a better position to resist those cookies…

So it got me thinking about exercise again. I probably can't do a lot, because the baby doesn't give me much free time, but I really need to start trying to fit more in. Probably trying to walk more, because I can do that with the baby in his pram looking at the world (he loves that… for a while, anyway…) Mum keeps offering for me to go swimming while she takes the baby to swimming lessons, and I'm tempted, but I also don't want to miss him exploring and enjoying the waterrrrrr

And I'm wondering… what exercise do you guys do?
Jul - General Chat - Exercise

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