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Jul - Game Development/Mod Projects - Monster Genetics
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Posts: 2862/2913
Version 0.3.0 is here, now featuring plants, social values, and aggression!

Download here!
Posts: 2861/2913
Individual color mutations are capped, but it's based on the color of their parents, so through many successive generations, the overall average color can change. I've never actually let anything run long enough for anything that drastic to happen, though.

The wirqen'kaak reproduces very slowly because it's naturally very powerful, and its low spawn rate makes it unlikely that two will ever meet in the first place. So, seeing them reproduce is definitely a rare sight, but it certainly can happen. Balancing is something I intend to work on at some point, since most of it is pretty arbitrary at this point.

Also, yeah, I didn't spell-check the descriptions, so there was actually a lot of typos. They should be fixed in the next release, though.

Thank you for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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Pretty interesting thing you made. Fun to toy around with

I've played a couple versions now, and it seems to be progressing nicely.

I've tested earlier today to see if the colour mutations are capped at some point, and now that I have a population of Qunats averaging in colour around teal I think that's a no then.

Also something from earlier: I was wondering for a long time if Wirgen'kaaks could actually breed. It turned out so! With some additional time (and helping take out everything else on the map since at the 3-4 population size they seemed rather suicidal) I eventually got 100 of the things on a save.

Also a typo: endagered -> endangered.
Posts: 2858/2913
Version 0.2.0 is here! I'm releasing the source code with this one now that I've cleaned it up a bit. Everything is on the GitHub page, although I'm a bit new to GitHub, so I'm sorry if it's still a bit disorderly.

The game itself is much the same, but monster spawning has been significantly adjusted, and you can now press / or ? in game to display the controls. For more details, check out the readme or the changelog.

Download here!
Posts: 2857/2913
Version 0.1.2 is here. Its main new feature is that it uses box-drawing characters to display the walls, so they (hopefully) look a bit nicer. I've also fixed some bugs and made some minor tweaks to the simulation to (hopefully) make it a bit more balanced. Check out the changelog for details.

Download it here! (No longer available)

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The wirqen'kaak spawns very rarely, so I'm surprised you managed to get two of them in the same game. I'm glad to hear interesting and different things happened in both of your rounds, though. Weaker creatures exploding in population is definitely a common feature, though.

Anyway, I've finished version 0.1.1, which can be downloaded in the original post or here. (No longer available)

Its main new feature is a description menu, displayed by pressing D. It generates a somewhat fantastical description of each species based on its name, its average stats, and its current population. As the species evolves, its description may change as well.

Other new features include a (currently bare-bones and somewhat ugly) statistics window, displayed by pressing S, and brighter walls for improved visibility. The game now comes with a changelog detailing all the notable changes between versions, if you want to read it.

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In my first attempt, the qunat population exploded and quickly overwhelmed most of the other monsters. Two wirqen'kaak survived past the initial population boom thanks to ending up on the opposite side of the map, and eventually they reproduced and slaughtered the qunat to extinction. (A single linorl also survived, but it wandered off to an empty corner and starved to death.)

In my second attempt, the game only spawned a single wirqen'kaak, which wandered into the qunat nest and died. Meanwhile, the asmu population exploded, but they were all trapped in a dead-end room and were slowly wiped out by the nearby zaeif population. Eventually, the qunat and the zaeif each claimed half the map for their own, and they'll probably remain neighbors for a long time.
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Monster Genetics is a little simulation game I've been working on for the past month. It's pretty bare bones at the moment, but I thought people might be interested in trying it out. Currently, it's more of a game that you watch rather than play; think of it like an ant farm. From the readme:

Monster Genetics is a genetic simulation game based on a traditional roguelike engine. Different species of monsters compete with each other for space and food. The survivors reproduce with each other, passing down their traits with a random chance of mutations. Over time, they may evolve different traits than their ancestors, making them better suited for their environment. The more powerful they are, though, the slower they reproduce, so they have to find the right balance to be successful.

The player (@) exists primarily to observe the evolution of these species, but they may have limited interactions with them as well. The ultimate outcome of these simulations is largely random, and different games may have different results.

Future versions are planned to have more varied monsters with more varied behaviors and more interactivity for the player, such as spawning or editing different monsters. If you have any ideas for features you would like to see, let me know!

In game, press / or ? to view the controls.

Download the latest version (0.3.0) here.

Current screenshots:

Version 0.1.0 screenshot:
Jul - Game Development/Mod Projects - Monster Genetics

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