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12-16-18 08:27:29 PM
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Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - PVB Emulator & Fundraiser
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Wow, that is quite interesting! I'll be looking forward to this releaseing
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It's me, back from the dead! An opportunity came up over at Planet Virtual Boy for me to work full-time on an emulator for the system, and I thought you guys would like to know.

From the announcement:

The initiative has four primary objectives:

Nintendo 3DS Emulator
I'm sure most of us thought about Virtual Boy when we first heard about the Nintendo 3DS. A custom emulator specifically designed to run on 3DS can take full advantage of the system's power and capabilities, giving us true stereo Virtual Boy on the go.

Reverse Engineering
Any time we want to learn about how a game works or make changes to it, we need the right tools to dig in and take a look around. A cross-platform desktop application is just the ticket for providing the user with the right kit to expose all the deepest secrets buried within Virtual Boy software.

The tool-assisted speedrun is a cornerstone of video game culture, and like reverse engineering, we need the right tools at our disposal in order to get the job done right. The aforementioned desktop application pulls double duty by bringing TAS-focused utilities to the party.

Comprehensive documentation of the Virtual Boy's internals will come from emulator research, and it's a perfect way for homebrew authors and modders to learn about the system's features. Those who remember the Sacred Tech Scroll document I wrote can look forward to a brand new version of it.

As you gathered from the thread title, this is a crowdfunding effort, but I'm not mentioning it here to fish for donations: I figure this is right up our alley for some good, old-fashioned rohm acking.

More information and discussion can be found here: Link to announcement thread
Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - PVB Emulator & Fundraiser

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