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12-13-18 08:49:39 PM
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Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - N64 Cruis'n Exotica extend music table and set OST to the race tracks?
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There is a way? The porting was incomplete due to the closer issues, I added the missing songs in the rom without erase nothing, but unfortunately I don't know how extend the available songs switch during the races and in the sound test menu, then I changed the pointers to 3 existing songs to the new added offsets, but now 3 pre-existing songs are unavailable to ear the added, 'cause the same table point to the new added, there is a way to add 3 more available musics during the race and optionally 5 more available musics in the sound test?

And there is another issue, in the Cruis'n franchise every race track have it's own default OST.

In this unfinished porting when a race starts a random music is loaded every time, randomly.

There is a way to set a specific music?

These are the pointers to the visible song's names during the race:
50b71 = Pointer name Get funky
50b75 = Pointer name Speed loop
50b79 = Pointer name Funky sea
50b7d = pointer name booty shaker
50b81 = Pointer name Fierce rave
50b85 = Pointer name Caribbean

The pointers to the audio files are shared by race switch (where are currently 6 available) and sound test menu, where are currently 10 and starts here:

Are made by pointers to during time, audio files, predictors and the end of the bytes for each one.

The first four musics are the menu musics, at 0x4EAF0 actually starts the available musics during the races.

However all these musics are in the sound test menu. I want to add at least 4 (but 5 will be better) in the sound test and 2 (better 3) in the race menu.

Could you help me please?
Jul - General Game/ROM Hacking - N64 Cruis'n Exotica extend music table and set OST to the race tracks?

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