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Jul - Gaming - fav games for the Game Boy
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I played tetris on the game boy and that was nice. It is even on the Tetris website.
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Since restarting a collection of games since I moved (note that I didn't actually sell anything, just that I never bothered to take them with me), I've been mostly collecting arcade-style, puzzle, and basic platformer games. Favorite though has to be Kirby's Pinball Land. It's such balanced video pinball gameplay. Another is Link's Awakening, but I kinda have to buy it again after almost going freaking broke several months ago. GB port for Marble Madness is adequate, Crazy Castle is what it is, Revenge of the 'Gator was an actual early childhood memory of mine.

But with what I have back home, I'd say my top three favorites would be Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario, Wario Land, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Also I love my Japanese Pokemon Silver import, even if I could never actually progress due to the language barrier.
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Originally posted by basscomm


It's a fun little time-waster, kinda like Tetris I guess. I got it on 3DS VC back before I knew anything about it (like how it was the first soundtrack composed by the guy who would later write for Gunstar Heroes, heh) but I like it well enough. Sometimes I pull out my 3DS and play it a while.
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Hmmm.. not that hard a question to answer if you grew up with one:

Donkey Kong GB
Wario Land II
Super Mario Land 2
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Godzilla (Never finishied it)
Sylvester & Tweety
Tetris DX
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Other than the obvious choices I played a lot of Revenge of the Gator back in the Original Game Boy Days(tm). I picked it up again for the DS Virtual Console, and it's just as mediocre as I remember it, but I still enjoy it.

I spent way too many hours on Donkey Kong, mostly via the Super Game Boy and got what I considered to be respectably decent at it.

I also liked Quarth. I mean, I *assume* I would have liked it. I played it exactly once on a school field trip for, like 15 minutes, and enjoyed it. And then I've never seen it anywhere since. I've checked eBay occasionally to make sure that I didn't hallucinate and was actually playing Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise or something, but the game does really exist. I should pick up a copy sometime.
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Pokémon Red, for sure. I wish I could reminisce about my faves from way back when, buuuut I just fished it out of my game crate and the battery's dead. welp

Also, Solar Striker. It's not /great/, but it's a solid shmup. (also the first level's soundtrack is great and needs a proper remix stat)
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Kwirk, mate.

Pretty fun ey.

Also that Kirby pinball game was the shit!
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FF Legend II, FF Adventure, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, Link's Awakening, Pokémon GRBY and Pokémon GSC.

me being into rpgs???? what are you talking about
Reverend Crush
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I didn't get an OG Game Boy until Zelda was announced. I traded my Super Scope 6 for one (with Tetris and a chargeable pack) with a friend of mine, and while that probably wasn't a smart move in terms of future value, I don't regret my decision as I got a lot more play out of the Game Boy than the Super Scope. I bought Zelda on Day One, and it's still my favorite out of the GB library.

I also have a soft spot for Final Fantasy Adventure, though I don't own a copy. Donkey Kong 94 was actually one of the few small-stage puzzle games I ended up enjoying. Honestly I'm drawing a blank on other titles. I didn't play a whole lot of GB games since the one place that actually rented out Game Boy games went out of business like a year or two before I got mine, so up until emulation was an option, I missed out on a lot.
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I have many favorites, just too many obvious ones that would take too long to post here, but one game that will have a place in my heart is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan! It's the very first video game I ever played!

Just a few others:
Wario (Especially Wario Land 3)
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Originally posted by Flygon
A bit of a crack choice - and more of a Game Boy Color thing, but I found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be a beautiful game, both musically and visually.
Not a bad jRPG-style game either.

I would never have found it had my morbid curiosity over it existing not gotten the better of me - I had the Game Boy Advance game first.
That one was awful!

I would have brought this matter up if it weren't for this being a classic GB thread only. I have HP and the philosophers stone on the GBC, and it's a pretty darn great GBC RPG, CoS improves upon a lot of things in it, such as making the different spell classes a bit more intuitive. (Though I never managed to finish CoS since my patience in RPGs have gone downhill a lot).

Anyway, as far as my favs on the OG Game Boy goes (from top to bottom):

Pokemon Red
Super Mario Land 2
Zelda Link's Awakening
Kirby's Dreamland
Metroid 2

I only actually owned two of these though. <.<;
(I owned the DX version of LA, but that's mostly the same game).

To be honest, there aren't that many titles on the OG gameboy that I find that great, not anymore. My first GB was a pocket so it's not like I wasn't there for the B/W stuff, but most games were kinda simplistic and not that great. There are the exceptional amazing games, but most don't even come close.

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Originally posted by Nanashi
Also all the Kirby games
and Metroid 2

surprised to see this is the only mention of metroid 2 but geez that game is underrated, it's so spookily engrossing

also Wario Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 1+2 are great too

and ofc the Pokemon games
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A bit of a crack choice - and more of a Game Boy Color thing, but I found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be a beautiful game, both musically and visually.
Not a bad jRPG-style game either.

I would never have found it had my morbid curiosity over it existing not gotten the better of me - I had the Game Boy Advance game first.
That one was awful!
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I really like Bubble Ghost. Really fun game to try to improve at, and it has awesome music.
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Donkey Kong is an absolute masterpiece of a game, and imo the only reason it doesn't get more attention is because of its name.

Also I'm a massive fan of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis for GBC.
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All the Mega Man games except II are worth playing if you like the NES games, although most are rehashes of NES stages and bosses.
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I strongly recommend Mega Man V if you haven't played it yet. While it's mostly the same, having eight new bosses and a new starting weapon besides the Mega Buster is quite a nice change.

Then there's the OST which is also very impressive for a Game Boy game. I'd give it a listen to if you have some free time.
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I'm another in the "all my favorites have been mentioned already" group. To contribute to this, though, I recall having fun with Pocket Bomberman (not the color version), which is like Bomberman as a 2D platformer. I don't think I got very far in it, though.
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I refuse to honor this segregation of color games and black/white games. They are all Game Boy games.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
Yeah, another one of the "all my favorites got mentioned already" people, but Wario Land 3 is also good (though nobody seems to like it over the former two; I think it's better than WL1 at least) ...

I love Wario Land 3, but it's a GBC exclusive.
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Jul - Gaming - fav games for the Game Boy

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