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Jul - Gaming - fav games for the Game Boy
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Originally posted by basscomm


It's a fun little time-waster, kinda like Tetris I guess. I got it on 3DS VC back before I knew anything about it (like how it was the first soundtrack composed by the guy who would later write for Gunstar Heroes, heh) but I like it well enough. Sometimes I pull out my 3DS and play it a while.
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Hmmm.. not that hard a question to answer if you grew up with one:

Donkey Kong GB
Wario Land II
Super Mario Land 2
Game & Watch Gallery 2
Godzilla (Never finishied it)
Sylvester & Tweety
Tetris DX
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Other than the obvious choices I played a lot of Revenge of the Gator back in the Original Game Boy Days(tm). I picked it up again for the DS Virtual Console, and it's just as mediocre as I remember it, but I still enjoy it.

I spent way too many hours on Donkey Kong, mostly via the Super Game Boy and got what I considered to be respectably decent at it.

I also liked Quarth. I mean, I *assume* I would have liked it. I played it exactly once on a school field trip for, like 15 minutes, and enjoyed it. And then I've never seen it anywhere since. I've checked eBay occasionally to make sure that I didn't hallucinate and was actually playing Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise or something, but the game does really exist. I should pick up a copy sometime.
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Pokémon Red, for sure. I wish I could reminisce about my faves from way back when, buuuut I just fished it out of my game crate and the battery's dead. welp

Also, Solar Striker. It's not /great/, but it's a solid shmup. (also the first level's soundtrack is great and needs a proper remix stat)
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Kwirk, mate.

Pretty fun ey.

Also that Kirby pinball game was the shit!
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FF Legend II, FF Adventure, For the Frog the Bell Tolls, Link's Awakening, Pokémon GRBY and Pokémon GSC.

me being into rpgs???? what are you talking about
Reverend Crush
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I didn't get an OG Game Boy until Zelda was announced. I traded my Super Scope 6 for one (with Tetris and a chargeable pack) with a friend of mine, and while that probably wasn't a smart move in terms of future value, I don't regret my decision as I got a lot more play out of the Game Boy than the Super Scope. I bought Zelda on Day One, and it's still my favorite out of the GB library.

I also have a soft spot for Final Fantasy Adventure, though I don't own a copy. Donkey Kong 94 was actually one of the few small-stage puzzle games I ended up enjoying. Honestly I'm drawing a blank on other titles. I didn't play a whole lot of GB games since the one place that actually rented out Game Boy games went out of business like a year or two before I got mine, so up until emulation was an option, I missed out on a lot.
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I have many favorites, just too many obvious ones that would take too long to post here, but one game that will have a place in my heart is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan! It's the very first video game I ever played!

Just a few others:
Wario (Especially Wario Land 3)
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Originally posted by Flygon
A bit of a crack choice - and more of a Game Boy Color thing, but I found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be a beautiful game, both musically and visually.
Not a bad jRPG-style game either.

I would never have found it had my morbid curiosity over it existing not gotten the better of me - I had the Game Boy Advance game first.
That one was awful!

I would have brought this matter up if it weren't for this being a classic GB thread only. I have HP and the philosophers stone on the GBC, and it's a pretty darn great GBC RPG, CoS improves upon a lot of things in it, such as making the different spell classes a bit more intuitive. (Though I never managed to finish CoS since my patience in RPGs have gone downhill a lot).

Anyway, as far as my favs on the OG Game Boy goes (from top to bottom):

Pokemon Red
Super Mario Land 2
Zelda Link's Awakening
Kirby's Dreamland
Metroid 2

I only actually owned two of these though. <.<;
(I owned the DX version of LA, but that's mostly the same game).

To be honest, there aren't that many titles on the OG gameboy that I find that great, not anymore. My first GB was a pocket so it's not like I wasn't there for the B/W stuff, but most games were kinda simplistic and not that great. There are the exceptional amazing games, but most don't even come close.

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Originally posted by Nanashi
Also all the Kirby games
and Metroid 2

surprised to see this is the only mention of metroid 2 but geez that game is underrated, it's so spookily engrossing

also Wario Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 1+2 are great too

and ofc the Pokemon games
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A bit of a crack choice - and more of a Game Boy Color thing, but I found Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be a beautiful game, both musically and visually.
Not a bad jRPG-style game either.

I would never have found it had my morbid curiosity over it existing not gotten the better of me - I had the Game Boy Advance game first.
That one was awful!
Posts: 4/9
I really like Bubble Ghost. Really fun game to try to improve at, and it has awesome music.
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Donkey Kong is an absolute masterpiece of a game, and imo the only reason it doesn't get more attention is because of its name.

Also I'm a massive fan of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis for GBC.
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All the Mega Man games except II are worth playing if you like the NES games, although most are rehashes of NES stages and bosses.
Posts: 111/116
I strongly recommend Mega Man V if you haven't played it yet. While it's mostly the same, having eight new bosses and a new starting weapon besides the Mega Buster is quite a nice change.

Then there's the OST which is also very impressive for a Game Boy game. I'd give it a listen to if you have some free time.
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I'm another in the "all my favorites have been mentioned already" group. To contribute to this, though, I recall having fun with Pocket Bomberman (not the color version), which is like Bomberman as a 2D platformer. I don't think I got very far in it, though.
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I refuse to honor this segregation of color games and black/white games. They are all Game Boy games.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
Yeah, another one of the "all my favorites got mentioned already" people, but Wario Land 3 is also good (though nobody seems to like it over the former two; I think it's better than WL1 at least) ...

I love Wario Land 3, but it's a GBC exclusive.
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I never played many Game Boy games, but of the few I have played, Donkey Kong was quite a fun game. I remember that I didn't play through all of it, but exactly where I stopped will be a mistery because I don't have the save file for it anymore.

I still remember how the intro noise was loud enough that my mom thought there was an UFO nearby or something. I was like "Why would you think there's an UFO nearby?".
Posts: 12/14
Tobu Tobu Girl!! it's very cute and fun

Also all the Kirby games, Link's Awakening, and Trip World
and Metroid 2

less favourite but still very good are also Megaman IV and V

and probably a lot of games, i used to play a lot gameboy games, but somehow my memory of them blurs them all that none stand out
maybe it's more that it's full of not so much "favourite" as a lot of "nice little game i like"

also the unused panel de pon minigame in pokemon puzzle challenge
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Jul - Gaming - fav games for the Game Boy

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