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10-20-18 02:04:53 PM
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Jul - Craziness Domain - Late for Eight
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Congratulations on eight years. Here's to many more.

I've only been here for almost a month and wish I could've been here longer. I've been lurking TCRF for about three or so years now.
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Ha ha, it's an easy one to remember, Xk.

Once I found out about TCRF, then I started coming in and posting. I gotta say, I've made some really long lasting friendships and met some wonderful people in person.

You're going to be one of those people as well, Xk, as soon as I get down to you. D:
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I still remember my Acmlm's Board registration date and time to this day: 07-01-01, 09:XX PM

Good lord.
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Congrats, dude.

You've probably actually been here longer than me, despite the register date and my history at Acmlm's, simply because I've been inactive so long.
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i was never really active on any acmlm's board incarnation until jul, and yet i somehow have a double-digit user id and a july 2007 regdate

in jul terms i'm an old bearded oldbie but in acmlm's terms i'm actually a tiny little baby newbie
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I technically consider myself one of the "newest" people in the crew.

Sad I was never around in the Acmlm days. I've just been stalking him fanboyishly* watching Acmlm in the LttP randomizer tournaments.

(* I've been watching and learning what he does so maybe one day I can get a sub 4 hour time!)
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oh jesus i'm old
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Originally posted by 2Tie
how have i been here longer than you sofi


you haven’t, just this iteration of this message board.

i was on Acmlm’s actively in 2001.
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Just passed seven, a few days before the resurgence of the forums.

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how have i been here longer than you sofi

Posts: 3714/3818
my 7-year is in two days. get ready for a party thread.

wishing you a gr8 8 m8, r8 8/8.
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Holy shit, I had no idea we signed up within five days of each other.

Dang. XD
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holy moly, mine's next week

time sure flies
Posts: 7335/7402
I totally just missed my eight year anniversary here.

I can't believe it's been eight years since I've been here, like, for real. Y'all rule.
Jul - Craziness Domain - Late for Eight

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