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Jul - Gaming - Annoying things in games
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Posts: 3/14
Being forced to make bad decisions. (Or to do evil things, but 'make bad decisions' comes up more often.) Part of why I never finished "Always Sometimes Monsters" because progressing through the game requires you to actively press the button to sign the malicious contract that they let you read and see is malicious.

Like, I get "I am telling a story about this person and this is a critical part of the story I'm telling", but gnnnnnnh. I'm not willing to play a game that makes me inhabit someone I'm not willing to be.

(Also, strongly seconding sofi's "when you have to trigger an event by talking to someone a really special way and nothing indicates what you need to do" - which "Always Sometimes Monsters" also did - and Nin★Collin's "Pixel art-style indie games needing way to much juice for what they are.")
headache booth
Posts: 3/10
guh, i forgot about on-disc dlc. that's super annoying too, though i guess one upside is less stuff to download if you have bad internet or something? i dunno, it's still mostly annoying though

also, nah, that's definitely not me
Posts: 98/118
agreed. especially if the content IS on disc and it's locked out until you pay for DLC, that's dumb, CAPCOM >(

also are you skyu/fiver or mercurypenny? I somewhat recognise your typing style, but i might be wrong
headache booth
Posts: 2/10
games that don't include the whole game on disc :^)
modnation racers' servers just shut down in october. only about maybe one third or one fourth of the actual game content is included on the disc, the rest gets downloaded from the now-dead servers first launch. only way to play it now is to have played it at least once before the shutdown, or to try and hunt down a dump of the stuff it downloads first launch online + have a cfw'd ps3 even if you own the actual disc (i think nobody has bothered to dump yet that, which is a bummer because i want to attempt to dig through it and see if there's anything interesting in there i could throw onto a tcrf page for the game, and i'm a bit nervous about putting cfw on my ps3 because of ban risk)

as for things that are problems with the actual gameplay, in fire emblem: awakening, in casual mode i think it's called, your characters who die during a level all come back afterwards. however, if chrom or the player character dies, then the game acts as if they're completely done for, and makes you start the level over. iirc this was fixed in fates, but it's still annoying that it was ever a problem to begin with.
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Yeah I kinda have to agree on that Rick. I don't really mind timers in games, in fact, some games are really good because of them (Majora's Mask). But in stuff like mario where the timer is just there and you would feasibly never run out anyway is just kinda, meh. It feels like a relic from the start of the series where players maybe needed some extra incentive to keep going right (the goal of the game), but it's something that should have been discarded a long time ago outside of specific time challenges.

Posts: 7410/7420
This is probably an entirely personal taste on this one, but...I'm just not a fan of timers for the most part.

To me, if it's obviously a part of the game's challenge or if there's a point to it, it's totally okay. For example, a puzzle game where you only have so much time to complete the level, or in Super Metroid where there's an escape sequence (the place is about to blow up, makes sense!).

Timers like in Super Mario Bros., eh, that's where I'm not a big fan. It seems like it's just tacked on to be an extra thing and not so much a part of the game. I'll personally almost always disable the timer in a game if I can or have to.
Posts: 168/172
I have the opposite issue, honestly -- I hate control schemes that are unresponsive, e.g. SM64's on-ground momentum, or games that lock you into a jump trajectory once you leave the ground. The first Sly game's an examples of how to do controls correctly, imo -- I think it's the most responsive game I've ever played.
Posts: 152/156
I found a good one when playing the X Legacy Collection: Having extremely sensitive controls where your character is too sensitive to movement. Looking at you, X6, where the controls are more sensitive than X4 or X5.
Posts: 33/49
Being damn near impossible to stay alive without TASing.

Kinda like:

Posts: 23358/24691
The problem with Sun and Moon is that the tutorials never end

Having the animation play during the text printing would help a bit (unless you sped through the text so the animation is still going, but why not just cancel it too?)... but they could always change it to "(Pokémon) is confused, and hurt itself!" / "...but managed to use (move)!"

Though for effects like that you could just have a persistent icon over the 'mon so you don't have to play it every turn, too.

The other problem is just how slow everything is, but that's not anything new.

Box shuffling

Here's a hot take: in the age of cellular networks, dream worlds, and automagical encyclopedias (that you seem to always need to fill by yourself), let people deposit and switch Pokemon almost anywhere. Hell, tie it into recovery; for every X seconds, mons in boxes recover a point or two of HP, and every so often get back a point of PP as well. Of course, going to and using an actual Center would instantly heal everything.

You could even justify making switching not work in caves — your communicator can't reach the outside world to receive data or send requests, but it can keep a queue of new 'mons to send once it receives a signal. Can even have little repeaters or rest areas in caves that allow you to do it within a small area, sort of like the recovery section in Red/Blue's Pokémon Tower.

Being able to swap at-will would certainly make it easier to keep things even, and keep a well-balanced team.
Posts: 175/188
Originally posted by Rena

Pokemon makes you go back to the center and deposit a mon to make room for a gift mon, instead of just sending it to the PC like a wild catch. (Incidentally, gen 1 didn't have this problem!) Newer ones let you choose who to send away from your party, but not when retrieving from the daycare. (At least there's a PC right there, but still, why?)

Pokémon I've found to be pretty terrible for how much needless baggage it carries from its earlier days. Most notably in the dialog during battle. I haven't played Sun/Moon to a serious degree (I might have gotten my starter and stopped?) so maybe these have been addressed but...

There's no reason that something like confusion should take a textbox stating the mon is confused, an animation of said status effect, a textbox with the outcome and then actually making a move/hurting themselves. Hell, it'd be a step forward if they had the respective animations occur with the text. This goes for sleep and possibly other status effects too. The text is even the same AFAIK across generations.

Same goes for the beginning tutorial stuff: Find the prof get attacked by a level 2 caterpillar or whatever. Save them. Get a potion from a shopkeeper. Have to sit through the same ball catching thing.

Forced tutorials are also annoying.
Posts: 5253/5258
Lately I've been a bit annoyed at the ragdolling in Breath of the Wild. Like, it's neat, but it's also annoying to tumble for so damn long after getting hit. Especially if you tumble off a cliff.

Also minor gripe, but applies to many games: getting another item when your inventory is full. BotW does this alright (tells you what the item is), but you can't compare it to your current items without taking it.

Some older games are much worse, like Final Fantasy 1 not even telling you what the item is (and having separate inventories for different item types).

Earthbound tells you the item, but if you pick an item up after battle such as a cookie, your only options are to discard it or toss something else to make room, and you can't pick up what you discarded. Why can't I just read eat the cookie (or something else to make room) right there? (autocorrect pls)

Pokemon makes you go back to the center and deposit a mon to make room for a gift mon, instead of just sending it to the PC like a wild catch. (Incidentally, gen 1 didn't have this problem!) Newer ones let you choose who to send away from your party, but not when retrieving from the daycare. (At least there's a PC right there, but still, why?)
Posts: 16/22
i hate games which combat only works if you have the enemy aimed at

now it isn't a big problem, but only if the autoaim mechanic is poorly done

dead heat breakers is a game i recently played that suffers from this. at the near end of every round, you're suppose to "race" the enemies and try crashing into them to break into them.

the issue is that you have to wait until the game thinks you're about to hit them. if you go to fast into them, you get hit and lose all momentum and they just speed ahead of you. this is even worse if the track has ramps which you fly off since the game loses track of what you're aiming at so you gotta do that stuff all over again.

and you're on a strict time limit so
Posts: 2518/2543
As weird as it sounds, I think time gating is why I don't like a lot of SMW hacks, because you spend so much time waiting for P-Switch things to happen.
Posts: 130/156
Time gating was a huge problem, and it's mostly why I recently decided to walk away from the MMO genre for now. World of Warcraft has gotten pretty bad with time gating lately.
Posts: 3175/3182
Hoo boy, this is an MMO problem, but time gating.

You want to have this new feature in this expansion? Better grind out reputation.

How do you grind out reputation? By doing these quests.

How do you get these quests? By waiting every x amount of hours for them to reset.

It's just stretching content so that they keep you playing and make it seem that there's more content than there actually is.
Posts: 159/188
I've resumed going through Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages and it has a lot of things that annoy me:

-At some point you come across an unfinished bridge with a guy complaining his workers ran off. You can't really do anything but turning back starts the event that ends you up with the character needed to help out.
If you immediately go to the workers that won't do anything, you specifically have to talk to the angry guy again and agree to help at this point. It's a great way to waste a bunch of time.

-At another point you trade your shovel for one of two items stolen from you, swapping back at will so you can use one of the two at a time. You later get things to buy the items back, but at that point the game will make you swap back for the shovel first. It's not a big thing, but it's just overly formal.

-By now I'm on dungeon 6 I think. (Crown dungeon anyway) It took one key to get into the room with the midboss. After that there's a switch block puzzle that requires 2 key in total, one midway through, so I had to get another one. Turns out that two rooms after that puzzle you need yet another key. At that point why not just make a hallway with a bunch of key blocks in? Link's Awakening did that and you could see ahead of time what was going on, here it takes retreading a quarter of the dungeon just to get from the mid-boss warp and through the switch puzzle.

-It's not really an annoyance as much as just an opinion, but being able to make dungeon rooms larger than a screen is probably a significantly important engine development. I was iffy about it, aesthetically, when I first saw it but I figured the game would show its benefits...and I still don't feel like it has. There's almost certainly rooms that only work thanks to it but for the most part I remember a lot of large but empty rooms that might fit a few more enemies in, yet they don't feel more worthwhile. It just tends to make traversing the dungeons take a lot longer.

In short, the game has been testing my patience.
Posts: 15/45
You know what annoys me? When the AI gets unlimited stamina while you only get 200 in Urban Champion.
Posts: 5560/5620
Have I told you about pokemon picross? I could get away with saying annoying game rather than annoying things in game, but I want to give a special shoutout to my favourite:

The game offers either a touch screen control set-up or d-pad + buttons, I prefer the latter. But for some inexplicable reason, most menus, level select, and stuff in-game can't be controlled using that scheme. (It gives a prompt to use the touch screen if you try to!) Despite the fact that no menu in the game at all justify being touch controlled in any fucking way. And this is a 3DS title, they should have known better.
Posts: 76/118
Originally posted by Rena
When the devs can't help but shoehorn a gimmick in everywhere. Oh you have a touch screen? Here's a shitty touch-based mechanic stuffed in places it doesn't fit!

*cough* Dawn of Sorrow *cough* I don't think anyone appreciated the sealing mechanic, but it was an early DS game so Konami just had to add it...
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Jul - Gaming - Annoying things in games

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