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Jul - General Chat - ssidspotting
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Originally posted by ひりゅう
'Bill Wi the Science Fi'

I encountered that name when my computer searched for nearby hotspots in my neighborhood.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper

- WiFiAndWiFiAccessories
I've seen the latter before, but the former one is real good.
Okay good, because now's the part where I admit that this was our WiFi name and I was proud enough of it that I wanted to post it

CUdieheart and ThatDoesNotFempute moved away, it seems like, so there's really not much interesting left here. Just some real inspiring names like "HOME-7BFD", "DIRECT-27-HP ENVY 4520 SERIES", "CenturyLink8831", and "Michael".
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I've had very little luck with funny WiFi names that aren't unoriginal. I used to pass by a "robot vagina" on the way home about a decade ago, running sniff_jazzbox on my DS.

Aside from that, I had "HELP! WIRELESS" and "thewififromhell" at one point before I just ... stopped caring about changing the SSID. Now it'd break everything if I did change it, so... eh.

(man, moving up from 56k to 1mbit DSL was still a tremendous leap)
Reaper Man
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Mine are "Super Nintendo" (2.4GHz) and "Sega Genesis" (5GHz)
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Originally posted by ひりゅう
The ones I have currently in use at home are 'Bill Wi the Science Fi', 'A Linksys to the Past' and 'FBI Surveillance Van'.

Well, at least one out of those three is good.

The first and last ones on that list lose major points for being extremely unoriginal.
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They're staying exactly the way I have them laid out.

Especially the last one. Keeps the apartment residents in line.
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Originally posted by ひりゅう
The ones I have currently in use at home are 'Bill Wi the Science Fi', 'A Linksys to the Past' and 'FBI Surveillance Van'.

Change the last and first ones, I'd suggest, but the second one sounds pretty nice ;3
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The ones I have currently in use at home are 'Bill Wi the Science Fi', 'A Linksys to the Past' and 'FBI Surveillance Van'.
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I hate those.

Also, my dad said he'd consider changing the router name and password after I told him the default passcode is very easily crackable. I told him maybe to set it to a Queen song and even mentioned this thread
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anyway, no funny SSID's right now.

however there are a couple unlocked networks which might give free wifi?? one is named just that (FreeWifi). but those might also redirect to some crapo "enter password" portal.
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Thinking on "using silly names for my own networks" I do recall that there was a time when a relative's router was plagued by a neighbour who kept figuring out their router password (but only so far as to get free internet access). So eventually I named the router "I See You" and had the new access key be a very long, rude message.

They haven't broken in since.
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During my freshmen year of college there was "We Watch You Sleep". I hope that was the security, and even so...
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I could change the SSID at home but everyone is used to using the same one since 2011, so inertia sort-of wins here. SSID at home is [myname], [myname]2 (repeater) and [myname]5 (which is the 5GHz that our phones don't support) except replace [myname] with my first name.

There aren't any fun SSIDs here near where I live. They're mostly like "TP-Link_[...]" or "MOTOROLA-[...]" or things of the sort.
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Thanks to this thread I actually went and asked my dad to changed the SSID (he said no) :c
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ASIO Surveillance Van 🔒📶
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The "2.4" at least is a reference to the 2.4GHz frequency band for WiFi (same with the "5" you see sometimes)

I haven't seen any funny ones lately, but I also haven't been looking very hard — the close by ones are all pretty bad
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more fun wifi names here... there's a ton of them around, but most of them are your typical "Freebox_33C2" stock shito.

anyway, a couple atypical ones:

* azkaban
* Sous_les_toits (under the roofs) (seems gone already??)
* T_con_Michel (you're dumb Michel) along with a '5Ghz' variant of it
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Bump, there's one called "Lol ya kid 2.4" somewhere near me... dunno what that's supposed to mean
Zero One
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Our SSID is set to "gchq_surveillance_van", which while amusing, isn't terrible inventive. It's also really the only one worth mentioning in the local area, though I really haven't gone out SSID hunting. Wardriving does sound fun though.
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Earlier today...

'time vortex'
'sonofamitch' (my favourite, tbh)

there's another one that'd be racist, except I know who owns it, and they're legally able to use the word in the name, because of their race..

Most everything else is generic, autogen, company names, or the occasional totally unsecured wifi printer.
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Jul - General Chat - ssidspotting

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