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09-18-18 05:09:52 PM
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Jul - General Chat - ssidspotting
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Zero One
Posts: 5128/5163
Our SSID is set to "gchq_surveillance_van", which while amusing, isn't terrible inventive. It's also really the only one worth mentioning in the local area, though I really haven't gone out SSID hunting. Wardriving does sound fun though.
Posts: 2284/2312
Earlier today...

'time vortex'
'sonofamitch' (my favourite, tbh)

there's another one that'd be racist, except I know who owns it, and they're legally able to use the word in the name, because of their race..

Most everything else is generic, autogen, company names, or the occasional totally unsecured wifi printer.
Robbie Rage
Posts: 66/100
My fiance and I will be moving soon, and I've privately trying to come up with a good SSID when I end up setting up the wifi for our house.

I love Batman, so I was thinking "WayneTech Wifi" or "Not_The_Batcave" or something like that.
Posts: 23206/23358

- WiFiAndWiFiAccessories
- DropItLikeItsHotSpot

I've seen the latter before, but the former one is real good.
Posts: 1765/2008
there's not a lot of super clever Wi-Fi names around here. for some reason most of them tend to lean kinda cutesy

    - WiFiAndWiFiAccessories
    - DropItLikeItsHotSpot
    - CUdieheart
    - fillername
    - Geaux Tigers (apparently a louisiana football thing???)
    - ThatDoesNotFempute

i only recently found out that last one is a Futurama reference but i appreciated it for the word "Fempute" which i thought sounded cute
Posts: 7306/7393
In my apartment complex there's "go away" and "Move Along, Nothing To See Here".
Posts: 3647/3817
Posts: 23191/23358
i found a few funny ones tonight
Posts: 3368/3457

Being back in the suburbs means only boring SSIDs, apparently. (Including mine, of course)
Posts: 476/490
Not a whole lot of fun SSID's over there, mostly a lot of default 'Freebox-36C9' type shit. I have a fiber box here that has a similar one and I don't think they can be changed (or people just don't bother).

In the other place I live at, there are... none. Besides the nearby univ's wifi which we barely receive.

My phone AP is named 'Baleine legere' though, which translates to 'lightweight whale'.
Posts: 1736/1807
For more examples of the boringness of SSIDs here, the second most notable ssid which appeared today is something which literally translates to "Other network".

The most notable one is still the same one I mentioned previously.

Posts: 23171/23358
god damn
Posts: 557/612
Somewhere near me in my apartment building is "MindblowingOrgasms". I highly doubt it's my next door neighbour as I can tell his girlfriend is faking it.
Posts: 23164/23358
The latter one is really common around here, but I don't actually think I've seen the first one yet. I'd have to check all my databases to see.

At one point I captured a network that was actually a URL (!), and it was some local person's cute little store stuff.
Posts: 147/149
'Dude Where's My WiFi?' and 'Pretty Fly For A WiFi' are in range of my home computer at the moment.
Posts: 1733/1807
I pfttt'd at 'Make Wi-Fi Great Again'. absolutely wow there

anyway, now that I'm back at the real home... there aren't any interesting ssids here
the *best* one around is "zzz zzz zzz", and I think that says something (pretty much all are set to the default, including mine)
Posts: 3627/3817
Originally posted by Q
Let's see what we've got around my apartment:
  • Bitch Wifi
  • Jawa Lives Matter
  • Make Wi-Fi Great Again

I can't say this inspires me to get to know my neighbors better.

holy crap. Central Texas, huh?
Posts: 23124/23358
Yyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah that's a pretty bad list
Posts: 2795/2887
Let's see what we've got around my apartment:
  • Bitch Wifi
  • Jawa Lives Matter
  • Make Wi-Fi Great Again

I can't say this inspires me to get to know my neighbors better.
Posts: 23094/23358
Originally posted by sofi
The Family That Says "Ni" 🔒📶
regularcatlady 🔒📶

Okay, these two are pretty good. "Winternet is coming" is one I've seen more than once here...
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Jul - General Chat - ssidspotting

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