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10-19-18 10:40:35 PM
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Jul - General Chat - Introductions
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hey Mycophobia surprised to see you here

think i see Zeether is here aswell
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Welcome to Jul, underthefloorboard!
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hey I know you. Welcome
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hello afternoon evening wherever you lot are im underthefloorboard or you might know me as Kprice45 on twitch

after hanging out in the Chillroom discord for a while i decided ah to hell with it and sign up here (i generally avoid forums but this place seemed quite relaxed)

as well as games i like books art,history,the odd bit of esoterica here and there and i listen to waaaay too much rap music for my own good.

shout outs to BMF54123 & Xkeeper who i know through LordBBHs Mame Roulette twitch streams and didnt learn until very recently that they were the co founders of The Cutting Room Floor (i feel like a dope)

also shout outs to 2Tie who i see is also here

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Originally posted by unascribed
I kinda went overboard with the custom CSS/HTML here

Fair note; overflow styles are frowned on because other layout formats exist, which get interrupted by overflows, as they have entire different post structures.

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howdy howdy!
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hi, I'm una, I do stuff (mainly Minecraft mods though I'm trying to get away from that more recently)

I kinda went overboard with the custom CSS/HTML here

so, uh, hi, I don't have a lot to say - don't know how active i'll be here but it's interesting if nothing else

EDIT: deleted my overboard styling because it broke as soon as I made a real post with it >.>
EDIT2: styling fixed and reinstated
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Welcome along to Jul, Fimbul!
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I am Fimbul and I joined this forum because I told xkeeper I would but for very long I did not and now that is rectified.

I draw pictures and pixels. That's my whole thing.
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Welcome aboard K.T.B.!

Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Welcome aboard K.T.B.! We hope that you enjoy Jul!
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Originally posted by K.T.B.
...Oh, and did I mention I have a bad habit of making posts way longer than they need to be?

I feel this is a significantly better thing than not posting at all!
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Hey, welcome K.T.B.! Nice to see you around.

It's weird for me to admit that I may be drifting further and further away from the community at SMWC too. It's weird and I don't really know why I feel like that, there's not exactly any specific thing to blame, I guess it's just the general atmosphere of the place.

Originally posted by K.T.B.
Oh, and did I mention I have a bad habit of making posts way longer than they need to be?

Don't worry about it! Wordy posts just mean more things to read and think about. At least, that's how I like to think about it.

This is usually a more laid-back chill community. Though I might not the best person to talk about it since I still think I'm relatively new to AcmlmBoards.
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Hey everyone. I feel like this is where I'd say "I'm KTB", but sadly this is the only scenario where having a public username feels redundant and awkward. *ahem*

Saying I'm "new" here is a little dishonest -I've known of Acmlm's Board and the earlier incarnations of this site for years- though when I first discovered this community I was way too young to really understand what was going on. I grew up lurking on i3 and Board 2 and the like anyway without ever registering, but I ended up becoming far more active on SMW Central (which is where you most likely would know me, if I'm already not a total stranger). SMWC as a community however has kind of (really) been going downhill lately so I think it's about time to migrate.

Anyways, there are a few names I vaguely recognize reading and seeing around many moons ago, but the people/community here are mostly new to me so a few things about myself: I'm a dude named Kevin, I'm currently 17 and in my final year of American high school, and I know Italian. I love math and science. And history. And reading. I'm into everything, really. Not exactly a gamer anymore but I still enjoy VG discussion every now and then.

...Oh, and did I mention I have a bad habit of making posts way longer than they need to be?
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Welcome to Jul, Jamie!
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I'm Jamie in the Jul Discord. Xkeeper said I could use this account, so I guess I'm sorta welcome here despite a brief period in 2015 where I made a fool of myself. (This account predates that account.)

If you don't know me, which most people likely don't, I'm somebody who likes things like gaming, AcmlmBoards, among other things like Windows XP (though I don't use a certain godawful browser on it). I turn 17 on Friday... so that's nice

I'm also into Touhou and anime style art works.

Hope this time I can contribute here, once I get my name sorted (Jamie or Cirnozie will do, preferably the former).

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Originally posted by pea
hi, i'm pea

uhhh, came from the fediverse

been one one forum in my life and it had a pretty big effect on me and all

I'm into:
  • nomadic lifestyle (i'm gonna live in a van)
  • speedrunning (super mario sunshine in particular)
  • programming
  • psychedelics (am i allowed to say that here? -- faq says nothing illegal but i think that means actually posting directly illegal content)
  • sysadmin stuff

boy i sure hope html works and i didn't really screw that up, but there's a "Disable HTML" checkbox at the bottom so i guess that means html works normally!

EDIT: oh, i'm also one of the people I know who's most capable and willing to just completely abstain from convenient things because i don't support a company or a business model or a technology -- i don't really consume media and when I do consume content from industries I'm not willing to support I pirate so they don't get shit from it

big fan of small business, fuck amazon and walmart and all them

Welcome, pea! you sound very similar to me! I'm living off grid and am a Psychonaut too! and I absolutely love frontend web dev!

A pleasure to have you here, welcome!
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Glad to see more cuties from mastodon appearing. :3

I'm a bit late, but welcome~
Blueberry Kat
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Originally posted by Xkeeper

Though my name uses a lowercase k

oop. fixed.

Originally posted by Rambly
hi blueberry kat. your name is cute. blueberries are a good berry

hi. you are also cute.

Originally posted by Narumi
Welcome to Jul, pea and Blueberry Kat!

This is a long thread. Click here to view it.
Jul - General Chat - Introductions

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