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12-18-18 08:14:47 PM
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Jul - Gaming - Console/Tag/Friendcode Sharing
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Thread history
Posts: 32/56
Switch: SW-7179-1429-0696
3DS: 0448-1533-3924
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 3155-3015-665

I don't use Steam anymore, so
Posts: 3048/3083
ayy anyone in PSN, hit me up at Dprotp

i only play single player games on PS4 tho
Posts: 154/184
Since I have a Switch, I now have a Switch friendcode!


Feel free to send a friend request
Posts: 3171/3182
I am on Steam, hello.

Vuoripeikko#2519 on
Posts: 134/184
My 3ds Friend Code is 0018-6261-6135.

Lemme know if you want to add me, so I can do the same
Posts: 3/3
my 3ds code is 2251-8948-7685, obv lemme know yours if you add me!

otherwise i'm on steam like, all the time haha
Posts: 48/132
My steam if anyone wants to add me.
Robbie Rage
Posts: 100/100
Xbox Live: RobbieRage

Come join me for some Injustice 2 or Overwatch.
Posts: 1697/1762
Add me on steam if you want a friend who's been offline for 1120 days!

I already have 100 friends on my 3DS. Sorry.
Posts: 61/157
Switch code is: SW-2121-3064-9060

adaelberg is my Steam ID. I just made up some random word to be my Steam ID and I guess it fits.

I'll add more when I get around to it.
Posts: 11060/11090
My Switch code is SW-7626-0451-7804!

3DS (not that it gets used much anymore) is 3480-2809-8781.

Steam is Last Centurion and PSN is LstCenturion.

If you add me on 3DS, let me know, cause I won't know otherwise, but the rest just send me a friend request!
Posts: 392/537
I'm RanAwaySuccessfully on Steam.

That's about it.
Posts: 23358/24728
I edited this thread to be a generic friend-tag sharing thread and stickied it.

My Switch code is SW-4976-5168-0688.

My 3DS code is 3050-8357-0102.

On Steam, Xkeeper (surprise).

I don't know if you can really count this, but also
Posts: 33/157
I was gonna create a thread on a general friend code/steam ID/PSN name/whatever thread but idk if we need it or not, or if one already existed.
Posts: 2296/2323
Originally posted by Lunaria
I could have sworn we had a thread for this...? :o

We've had threads for individual devices, but never one for the friend codes across the board of devices.

What with Nintendo not ever unifying the friend code system.
Posts: 9778/9879
It must've been swallowed by the void.
Posts: 5370/5623
I could have sworn we had a thread for this...? :o
Posts: 341/480
Hālian (N3DS)
3540 - 4092 - 6989

Please PM me if you add, or intend to add me, and in that PM please add your in-system username and friend code.
Posts: 89/95
Share your Nintendo Switch & 3DS friend codes (edit: and everything else) here!

Here's mine:
3DS #1 (Add this one first, this is the one I use the most):

3DS #2:

3DS #3:

3DS #4:

3DS #5:


Let me know if you add me, and which 3DS you added too!
I'll add you to all 5 3DSes too!
Jul - Gaming - Console/Tag/Friendcode Sharing

Rusted Logic

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