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12-17-18 07:59:06 AM
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Jul - General Chat - New Year’s
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A different coworker told me one of their friends/relatives passed away overnight. Maybe it's time for 2019.
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I need to buy an OLD 2018 calendar. (2018 BC)

I also need to have an interview near Times Square area right after a blizzard.
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President Trump is going to start a nuclear war over dick nuclear button sizes on Twitter.

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TCRF went down on 2018-01-01 (sudden unexpected OOM at 22:20 or so ) and my coworker got into a car accident today (2017-01-02), so we're off to a roaring start.
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I did sleep, btw, like I said I would. Just not as much as I’d like to. The baby woke at 10.50 and again at 5.00, so I missed the celebrations and fireworks and stuff, but I didn’t get to luxuriate in slumber either like I wanted.

I hear some of the fireworks in Australia got fucked up and blew up (in the more uncontrolled way you don’t want fireworks to blow up).
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I don't have to go back to work until the 2nd. I've been off (but on-call) since December 22nd.

I don't have a 2018 calendar since my mother got me a random Wolves mini-calendar last year and wasn't sure if she was going to do it again.

I'll stay up past midnight like every year.

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I have the day off, so I'm just having a nice quiet day in that doesn't involve my new job.

Not that I don't like my new job, but I enjoy the lazy non-worries of having a day off. Well, usually it doesn't involve worries...
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I might stay up until midnight, but I don't really have much in the way of plans, other than maybe watching Acmlm if he decides to stream drunken Mario attempts again
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Tough crowd.
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Originally posted by dotUser
I plan to D I E .


Same, I gotta be honest.
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I plan to D I E .

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Originally posted by sammyrms1
I need to buy a new 2018 calendar.

Ah, dang! I used to get a Homestuck one every year and I forgot. Ehhhh shipping usually means it’s an extremely expensive calendar anyway.
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I need to buy a new 2018 calendar.
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As we come to the end of yet another trip around the sun, what are we all planning to do on new year’s? Got big plans? Not much at all?

I won’t be doing anything this year. With a 6 month old baby, sleep is the most precious thing in the world (for the baby, and for us) and it would be madness for us to stay up till midnight on purpose. But that’s kind of weird for me, because it’s been… oh… decades… since I last just slept through the whole ritual. I guess I’ll just wake up to a bunch of text messages in the morning?
Jul - General Chat - New Year’s

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