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12-12-18 07:08:24 PM
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?
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Around mid-single digit temperatures this week. The main problem is that trains are at 21C-ish when it's 5C outside. No real way of dressing for both...
Posts: 14/19
Woke up and there was snow on the ground and snow falling. It's kind of pretty, but I mostly just feel happy that I don't have to go anywhere.
Posts: 14/22
It's still so damn sunny here it feels like summer. It's not even raining, just a thin jacket is enough (and sometimes too much).
Posts: 63/64

βit frozinated


Posts: 3818/3823
been sub-freezing in chicago for the better part of the week,
and the wind just makes it worse
apparently something similar's going on in new york,
because delta offered me a free flight change for my flight tomorrow due to weather
i took it, because to hell with being on a plane on a slippery runway, thanks
Reaper Man
Posts: 17/23
Colder than Frosty's nutsack here in Austin
Posts: 3075/3082
Originally posted by sammyrms1
Damn wildfire smoke covering up most of San Francisco.

it's only going to get worse today too

(image from this san jose mercury news article)

"yellow is moderate, orange unsafe for sensitive groups, red and purple unhealthful for all."

went out on my lunch and bought a few n95 masks yesterday for myself and some coworkers who wanted one
Posts: 3814/3823
Originally posted by Narumi
It's snowing out right now. I didn't expect it to be this cold this early, but it's these cold spells that we have in November roughly every five years or so.
yeah, the cold picked up quickly here too,
and it snowed last night/this early morning
nothing stuck, but it was still the first snowfall of the season,
and now the gloom and cold is here to stay:

i wish fall lasted a couple weeks longer,
but i guess at least i was able to actually kind of enjoy fall this year
Posts: 156/157
It's snowing out right now. I didn't expect it to be this cold this early, but it's these cold spells that we have in November roughly every five years or so.
Posts: 137/141
Damn wildfire smoke covering up most of San Francisco.
Posts: 24678/24725
Finally reached "turn off the A/C and leave a window open with a fan in it" weather, which I can appreciate. Or as Raspberry calls it, "bundle up under a blanket when using the computer" weather.

I like cold, so sue me
Posts: 20/24
It snowed. Three weeks away from Summer.

Okay, so perhaps not at my altitude, but it's certainly a figure of how annoyingly cold it is.

It's late Spring! Where's my Shorts weather, dangit.
Posts: 42/62
Worse in Central AR. Further up towards the state line, you're looking at snow which is an 'abandon ship' call.
Reaper Man
Posts: 13/23
Current weather predictions in Central Texas predict that the temperature is going to drop faster than a pair of panties at prom night.
Posts: 40/62

Potentially survivable. Maybe.
Posts: 371/373
Fuckin shit it's been raining every day and wood is getting all wet and it needs collecting because the fire won't burn only air, it's also a shame because it's covered in all this black slimey carbon everywhere thanks to that forest fire last year, ugh.

Nights are cold as hell, 5°c outside, I need my hot water bottle every night.
Posts: 1815/1817
When it comes to where I go / live, it's been raining on and off, alternating between sun/clouds and rain. The weather's very weird but generally acceptable.

There has been a lot worse elsewhere, where heavy rain was in full force, floods and all.
Posts: 3798/3823
Originally posted by Mistral
it's at least sticking to the 40s-60s range,
of course, i post this,
and then the forecast says it's gonna snow by thursday,
and drop into the 30s for thursday through the weekend
weather was a mistake
Posts: 94/143
Colder here too. 9*C according to the weather gadget on my desktop.
Posts: 3791/3823
it's getting chillier here, and the wind is kicking up
i suppose it's a little silly to move to "the windy city",
and then complain that it's windy, but what can you do

it's at least sticking to the 40s-60s range,
with occasional rain, and blue skies otherwise
the blue sky combined with the changing leaves makes for lovely photography...
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?

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