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06-25-18 10:27:39 AM
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?
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Posts: 2495/2500
I have been learning why my car has window demisters.

Because the window's literally frozen over when I go to work in the morning.
Posts: 1780/1780
Rain came out of nowhere, and it just happens I forgot the umbrella at home.

At least it wasn't as bad as it is now (if the noise is to be believed).
Posts: 92/94
Earlier tonight, severe thunderstorms with sirens blaring, but right now, overcast.

This whole week looks like there will be storms! Just a slight chance though.
Posts: 435/442
Finally it's raining! It's been cold-ish for a while now, but no rain whatsoever. Cold and light rain is where it's at!
Posts: 114/115
It's so hot here. On top of that, I think my allergies are acting up. Fun.
Posts: 1747/1747
It's starting to get colder and colder. Not much rain, yet. I mean, there's been a little, but not a lot. Running the heater more, especially at night, to keep everyone cosy.
Posts: 4/5
We have the remnants of Alberto blowing through, so it's already been a wet day, and it's going to get wetter.
Posts: 21/21
Is it hot? Ehhhh, sorta.

Is it humid? So humid I can't leave a drink on my desk without having to wipe up a puddle of water after the fact.

Ahahaha I hate this
Posts: 133/144
The weather decided that it's a good idea to have it be hot for the entire week, even if tapering downward slightly. There's also pollen everywhere. Fuck this.

Supposedly there's going to be a storm near the evening though so hopefully that'll help in some way.


In fact this (from right to left) sums it up. (and seemingly for a lot of you as well )

Posts: 38/42

αAnd then it was 38 °C.

Posts: 16/17
Welcome to Texas, where it's still """"""Spring"""""" by technicality but the temperatures are unmistakably Summer, and will continue to be until probably October.
my asthma is ready.
Posts: 1916/1936
why the f************k is it ninety-seven fucken degrees out

i don't even kinda like this

not one bit
Posts: 1744/1747
Oh yeah, nights are fucking FREEZING in the country. I hope you have lots of warm bedding and stuff.

The sun is out today. It's probably still cold outside (I haven't been out) but I'm enjoying the warmth coming in through my windows.

It's free heating!
Posts: 2492/2500
Bloody freezing.

I'm really not used to this rural weather - the day is about the same but GEEZ ARE THE NIGHTS COLD.

0 degrees C is a bit frosty overnight.
Posts: 7381/7388
It has been raining lately, which is great, but it's not raining enough. More rain I say!
Posts: 120/130
Hot and humid. It hasn't been as bad lately, a recent rain cooled it off a bit.
Posts: 35/42

αWhy with the Ambigu-Rain™ x..x

Posts: 1776/1780
It's quite sunny, at around 23°C.

It's a good day for watering the flowers on the balcony (or just simply relax).
Posts: 1909/1936
its been rainy and comfy lately (after being bizarrely hot like 90F for a while wtf)

i like it
Posts: 431/442
Friday: Mildly sunny, 25ºC-ish.
Saturday and Today: Rainy, cold, currently 10ºC.

Okay, now weather, we need to have a talk. I like the rain, and I like cooler air, but at least give me enough time to adapt to it so that I don't catch a cold from one day to another! argh
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?

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