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08-16-18 05:17:52 PM
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?
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Posts: 352/352
Saharan dust has blanketed portugal, temps exceeding 45c and fire smoke being trapped beneath.

Not exactly weather so much as enviromental factors making the weather much worse than it is!
Posts: 1061/1061
yeah apparently california and parts of canada have been on fire lately

it's been messing with the air quality round here
Posts: 610/610
Outlook reported the weather yesterday as "Smoke".

It wasn't wrong.
Posts: 23358/23358
Mostly just bleh here. Not really decent in any meaningful way, just hot.
Posts: 124/124
It's a cold Summer here in the SF.
Posts: 119/120
I'm liking the rainy weather here to help calm the heat down. It's been better here compared to earlier this summer, it's so far the hottest summer in six years.
Posts: 20/20
it finally rained the last day or two, like real heavily! the humidity will kill me as soon as the sun starts coming out again, but everything's turning back to green which is real nice.
Posts: 1804/1804
If you looked outside now, you'd barely believe that an hour ago there was heavy rain and thunder. Now it looks like spring.
Posts: 137/143
It's not as bad here as it's been (currently it's 87F/31F outside with 70% humidity) but still not enjoyable weather.
Posts: 2/4
It's a surprisingly mild 80 degrees outside, considering how much everywhere else in the world is burning.
Posts: 155/158
It's been "let's not go outside when the sun is out" weather for a few weeks now. The country has a shortage of water apparently. (but not the drinking kind. yet.) Tonight will be rain (and clammy ) but I don't after that.
Posts: 1784/1804
I have learned that my descriptor of "mild" is uhhh

we're having a pretty bad drought
Posts: 135/143
When I walk outside it feels like I'm stepping into an oven.....
Posts: 23358/23358
Meanwhile here we had a dust storm warning, thunderstorms that knocked out power across town (not to us ), and... it was actually almost tolerable outside for a change?

Though Monday's supposed to be back in the 110°F range.
Posts: 1782/1804
It looks absolutely gorgeous outside, so I have all the windows open to soak up the free heating from the sun. It's been a pretty mild winter so far.
Posts: 2382/2384
Wet and thundery.

[07/21/2018 10:32:21 PM] <@Rakka> Current weather for Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia (IMIDDLES35) at Jul 21, 2018, 10:32pm:
[07/21/2018 10:32:21 PM] <@Rakka> Overcast ☁️, 18.4°C, Dew point: 17°C · Humidity: 92% · Precip: 3 mm today · Wind: South at 4.2 kph, gusting to 7.6 kph · Pressure: 102.41 kPa  · Visibility: 10 km · UV Index: Low (0) · Sunrise/set: 5:48am, 8:52pm · Moon: Waxing Gibbous 🌔.
Posts: 28/44
Pretty overcast where I am at, which is refreshing. It’s been hot all summer so far.
Zero One
Posts: 5159/5163
just shoot me

I don't deal well with anything higher than teens. 26C is too much
Posts: 97/98
A lot of thunderstorms recently, which I like except for when they disrupt my sleep. Currently around 85°F/29°C, and it seems it will stay around that for a while.
Posts: 1949/1957
Originally posted by Rambly
the apartment's air conditioner is broken

update: we fixed our AC a while ago

also it's been cool and wet and rainy and moody all day today
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Jul - General Chat - How's the weather?

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