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12-12-18 01:18:46 AM
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Jul - General Chat - Daily Question #7: Where do you live?
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I bought a house in the beginning of 2015.. So I'm living there.

I can't believe I've owned this place for almost three years.
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Originally posted by mushmouth
I really hate living in high places. It scares me a lot.

that’s a shame. i think it’s awesome & wish i had a high city skyline view.
Posts: 6395/6454
Second-floor luxury apartment in a converted mill building. High ceiling, original wood floors, giant windows, the works. (And a bedroom with no windows, because we're free of Boston's housing regulations)

It's likely the nicest apartment I'll ever live in... shame it's so far away from all of my life in Massachusetts...
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I live in the house that Acey and her parents have. I have my own little room that is definitely cozier than my room back home, but it's not bad. Given I put some elbow grease in it I could clean this place up no sweat. It's just an issue of trying to find a place for everything.

In which case, it's basically Christmastime now, so time to send gifts and pointless knicdk-knacks I'd rather store back home.
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Ground floor, 2BR with a roomie. It's a nice little place. Small, but quite homey and enough for me. :3

I used to live by myself on the third floor in a building literally next door, but it was just way too trying on my finances each month and I couldn't get ahead with anything. Them's the breaks, I suppose. Loved it, though!
Posts: 1118/1881
We’re really lucky, we have a little 3 bedroom house in the suburbs, and we’re slowly paying off the mortgage. It has almost no yard though, which is basically the only reason we could afford it.

It’s a cute little place with a whole lot of work we need to do on it. When I’m angry about that, I call it “the money pit”.
Robbie Rage
Posts: 30/100
Ground floor apartment for now. My fiance are looking at a house for the moment, though. Moving on up!
Posts: 17/21
I really hate living in high places. It scares me a lot.
Posts: 3477/3824
wow, are you collecting my data + selling it?? what’s w/ this question?

just kidding.

urban setting. 2nd floor apartment, above the foyer so i can be as loud as i want. east-facing window. tbf, i wish i lived somewhere even higher up + maybe smaller. i like tight, tidy, compact spaces.

light in the morning is great—rest of the day, not so much. all the windows are on the same plane, so there’s no real dimensionality to the light & parts of the apartment just stay dark forever. really wishing i lived in a corner unit. my neighbors upstairs in the corner unit get a view of the downtown skyline, but i just get to see everyone’s inebriated drama.
Reverend Crush
Posts: 23/52
1F three bedroom house in the suburbs. I love it, but when it needs maintenance... well, lets just say when it rains, it pours.
Posts: 670/792
Ground floor apartment, the center one of three, in a building with 8 or so floors. I like it overall, living room's decently sized, the other rooms might be a bit small in comparison but still alright.

I guess, the only thing that's a bit annoying, is that I have no balcony or something. The other two apartments on the ground floor have small backyards - right in front of my windows, in fact - while all the ones on the higher floors have balconies.
Posts: 16/21
Basement. I have a pretty large room. And it's my grandparents house my mom owns most of the rest of the basement.
Posts: 4086/4118
Ground floor apartment~ It's cool in the summer so that's a plus, although I would like more sunlight...
Posts: 5340/5623
3F Apartment, I usually take the elevator up because walking up three flights of stairs? How about no. ~o~

I like it here, haven't really been bothered much my anyone. I'd prefer having a house out on the countryside though, in like a small town. ~w~
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In an apartment!

But I'm mostly curious where; first floor? Second floor? Basement? In a house, apartment, condo?

We've been on the second floor for years now, but I really miss first-floor places...
Jul - General Chat - Daily Question #7: Where do you live?

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