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12-10-18 05:39:33 AM
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Jul - General Chat - Daily Poll #4: Still use AIM?
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Yeah, it looks like it's transitioned to business use now, or something.

Weird to think about that door closing forever.
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Now think about how weird it is to have seen a copy of Windows Messenger. Not even MSN Messenger, the real one, but the horribly stripped-down one they shipped with some XP versions.

Does Trillian even still exist? Every one of the old protocols it used to support (barring IRC) is dead now, isn't it? Except for ICQ I guess.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
What did you end up using instead? If anything, that is.

I was on IRC stuff for a while, but I've fallen off of it completely.

Felt weird to uninstall Trillian, even though I hadn't really used it for most of the last few years.
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Well, it's been a few weeks, but AIM is officially gone now. Kind of weird to think about, but I guess I should remove the AIM field from profiles (and maybe even the database) now.

Similarly, it's weird to think that my homepage and some other things still make mention of my screenname, even though I hadn't used AIM in years.
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Wait, I'm the only one who still uses it? Can't really say I expected that.

Originally posted by Xkeeper
What did you end up using instead? If anything, that is.

I guess, like most others, I've moved over to Telegram and Discord. Telegram's pretty nice, but I'm not quite so keen on Discord.

I guess so far as Discord goes, as a Skype replacement, I find it absolutely stellar -- but it also seems to be overtaking other things (such as IRC, seemingly) that I don't like it quite so much for.

Part of it's also probably the fact that these older protocols worked on fucking anything and these newer clients are so much more resource-hungry and probably wouldn't play quite as nicely on older systems. Maybe it's not quite that huge of an issue, since a lot of this stuff still probably runs fine on almost anything from the past decade (give or take a few years), but... eh.

(maybe the revival of that old laptop has me thinking about this kind of stuff too)
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What did you end up using instead? If anything, that is.
Posts: 6827/6890
In the past two years, I went from using it daily to... Never using it. I guess they timed its demise well.
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Good lord, FF7C. I never really remembered anything about it, but I recall stumbling across it during one of my Acmlmboard history safaris a few months ago.

I feel old.
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Ah, AIM. Yeah, I used AIM a lot. Like Xenesis said, it never caught on in Australia, but I didn’t have a lot of Australian Internet friends! Back when I was involved with the Final Fantasy VII Citadel, I was chatting with a lot of Americans and Canadians, so AIM was the thing.

It was with much loathing that I eventually used MSN.

Oh and I used ICQ before that, but I never really got a lot of friends on it, so much as I did some internet tough guy talk to creepy perverts who saw I was a girl online.
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ICQ was really interesting just because everyone was a number. No concept of screen names or things for a while.
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AIM never caught on in my circles in Australia so I never used it. Everyone around me went ICQ -> MSN -> Facebook, more or less.
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It was my primary messenger for years and years and years.

I've been trying to move on from it personally, though, as of right before it shut down. Just no one was on it anymore and the new AIM was complete and utter garbage to use.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
I'm pretty sure I still have you on my friends list, even.

ur on my friends list in my heart forever
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I'm pretty sure I still have you on my friends list, even.
Posts: 3468/3821
everyone i talk to is on IRC or FB or IRL.

AIM was a huge part of my life, but that’s in the past.
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I never really used any of those programs - back in 2008-2009 my parents were using MSN to communicate with other relatives; but it didn't go any further than that (and I didn't use it myself either)

by the time I started to communicate with others online (2013) all of these programs were dead. oh well
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Originally posted by Lunaria
Yeah I used MSN back in the day, it wasn't until years later that I heard about AIM, but at that point it was already on the decline and skype was the new hot great thing.... funny how that one went.
Same here, in grade school MSN was popular (I remember some friends 'competing' to see who could add as many friends on MSN as possible) and I stuck with it for all of high school, but at some point Skype took over, and then people just moved on to Facebook's direct messaging... MSN and Skype allowed for group chats but I barely made use of it, so I suppose that's why real-life friends just moved on to FB. I only ever heard about AIM when I found Jul and it had profile fields for it.

I still use IRC and Discord actively, but I don't really think many of my school friends would bother to use either of them...
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I never used AIM, and I don't really know what it was like. I've used MSN in the past for a short period of time, but I also only had like a couple of people to talk to.

I never found myself too fond of instant chat services, for the most part I feel like I don't really have anything to say or contribute. Sometimes I don't really bother logging in as well, such is the case with Discord (usually a few days at most) and IRC (for three months! wow).
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The real question is if we're going to see anyone who used Y!M

Posts: 662/792
I used to use it back when we had AOL itself as our ISP, so before 2005, but even then I mostly used ICQ, aside from for maybe 2 or 3 people who only had AIM. Never had MSN, tho other people I knew used it around 2007, 2008 or so.
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Jul - General Chat - Daily Poll #4: Still use AIM?

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