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08-14-18 03:55:05 AM
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Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Who has played one of the Wallace & Gromit games, and why don't any of them have a page?
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I have both Project Zoo and Curse of the Were-rabbit.
Project Zoo is a mediocre game that likely has SOME cut elements, I think theres an unused animation displayed on the back of the boxart.

Were-rabbit is, to be honest, a really damn good game, and probably the best Ghostbusters like game until we got, well, Ghostbusters (2009)

I remember the Boat Level having an indoor section that was cut off that you can see by clipping the camera through the wall. Someone will have to dive into the games themselves.
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Project Zoo was a thing I had at one point before I sold it in a garage sale. It was simply a mediocre game, so whatever rooting around I would do on it would be mired in confusion and "wait was that actually a thing in the game or am I imagining things?"
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I never really bothered to mess with the Telltale game but knowing them there's probably a lot of cut content in the episodes.
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I did play a Wallace & Gromit Flash game, Wallace's Workshop. I actually looked through that, but didn't find anything interesting besides hints of a debug mode that no longer works (even with hacking).

But yeah, really bizarre that none of the Wallace & Gromit games are on the wiki. We don't cover cover art, but the rest (the hidden cutscenes, unused sounds, and unused weapons/items) are things we do cover.

A couple of unusual things have also been uncovered in the PlayStation 2 version.
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Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo (highly overlooked), and Shaun the Sheep.

At least one for Project Zoo would be nice. It's a single-player open-world collectathon with bosses, bonus levels, quick-select weaponry, puzzles that don't quite top Portal 2's (but have WAY more variety), a killer visual storyline, and mild British humors. It was released on Xbox, PS2, Nintendo GameCube, PC (Windows), and in English and Russian. There is alternate cover art between platforms. It has cutscenes (possibly some hidden), sounds (possibly a sound test, unused sounds, or hidden sounds), very few invisible walls (this is a guess), and multiple kinds of collectible items (possibly some unused). There may even be a hidden weapon or weapon function. Unfortunately, I'm not that grand of a game file wizard, so I can't contribute much... but I would like to see a page for at least one of the games.
Thanks :1
Jul - The Cutting Room Floor - Who has played one of the Wallace & Gromit games, and why don't any of them have a page?

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