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Jul - General Chat - New stuff you got
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The real question is if it has a big ol' red switch on the side.
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286 Zenith computer with 3MB of RAM incoming!

It's not actually that bright, it's just the ridiculous flash on the camera makes it seem that way.
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So I was given an old CRT TV to have in my room. Nothing too interesting there except for the fact that it makes a small 8-bit sound when starting up and it instantly became one of my favorite TVs.

Otherwise, it works just like any other CRT TV.
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Darkdata got me a holiday card:

Okay, several cards. Still...
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Weird mixture of stuff -- pelican hard case for my headphones since the provided one was huge and falling apart, 250g of nag champa, Dell E177FPF since I needed a monitor with a VGA input for FPGA projects (and older systems), and a cardbus wireless card for the thinkpad 600 I've got sitting here. Now to get a linux with b43 installed so I can use the internet...

More storage (2-4TB) probably in the works in a month or two. Extra backups are never a bad thing...
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I quite enjoy Ashens's stuff, I'd recommend looking into it.

I'm on a mission today to buy bath towels. Mine are ten years old and no amount of vinegar and baking soda is ever going to bring back their soft fluffiness.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
Is the Ashens stuff good? I remember wanting to look into it a while back, just because his dry humor combined with garbage was a really good combination

I think so anyway. I've been a fan of his for over a decade or so though.
The second book is I think more descriptive about the games and the context they were released which I think is good, where the first went on tangents a bit more.
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Is the Ashens stuff good? I remember wanting to look into it a while back, just because his dry humor combined with garbage was a really good combination
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From about a week ago: Attack of the flickering skeletons finally came in and I got Alphaville - Fovever Young and Camel - Moonmadness a day or two later.

Forever Young I knew four songs of before. Most of it is good and even the last two songs might grow on me eventually.

Moonmadness was more of a "let's try this" thing. I like it a lot, but for what is described as rock it's so very, very mellow.
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A Wireless Repeater which actually worked well until I managed to short it while trying to hit the reset button. Yay!
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In my ongoing effort to eventually ditch carrying a handbag (most of the time anyway) I bought a phone case that has a spot for cards in it, and an orbitkey.

Unfortunately I bought the wrong phone case, so today I have to go to the post office and return it so I can hopefully get one that’s the right size.
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Little late, but for Christmas got quite a variety of things. I'll post some pictures later if I can remember.
*A neat portable CRT (and a color one at that!)
*An old Polaroid. Didn't have any film but the flash still works
*The three Super Famicom Final Fantasy games (4, 5 and 6)
*Super Mario Collection for SFC
*A new Audio Technica turntable along with the Bit.Trip's Greatest Bits record
*The Turquoise and Black N2DS XL
*One of those CultureFly SNES boxes
*Some nice flannel
*Other misc. things
Robbie Rage
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Flannel. Lots and lots of flannel.

Hey, at least I'm warm this time of year.
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I got about $350 in cash, though I kind of wish I didn't get anything. I don't know if that sounds weird or not, but I just... I don't know. I would have given the money back but it would have made things even more awkward.

I'm probably going to spend it on getting a Kindle so I can try to get back into the habit of reading things.
Kaito Sinclaire
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My Christmas present to myself arrived yesterday. Haven't gotten to test it yet because I had a killer headache when I got home from work last night.
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I got -1 gallbladder and five abdominal incisions a few days before Thanksgiving. It's all been healing pretty nicely, though.

About a month ago (don't remember exactly when), my brother got us a PS4 and some games. He's been playing a few of said games on Twitch (LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Let It Die, Loadout, and Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero so far), which I can link to if anybody's interested. He's gonna be doing a lot of streaming next week, from what I can tell.

For Christmas, he got me a copy of Quizmaster: The Life and Times and Fun and Games of Bill Cullen. Great book on one of the best game show hosts.
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i got nothing except these hair clips from MUJI 無印良品:

and this skirt from them too:

hopefully someday MUJI 無印良品 will open a Seattle store so i can continue my unbranded, high quality lifestyle.
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Why am I just now realizing that this thread is mostly full of Pokémon-related stuff?
All I can say for something "new" I've got is... "I got a bad pun. You'll hate it."
Here goes:
I have some corny jokes, but some people think they're amaizeing.

And still nothing Pokémon-related! Just Un-Lucky, I guess...
Yes, more pun. Happens when I'm bored and tired. You'll get used to it.
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I got this baby early:

Supposed to come "early 2018," but instead they sent the body early. In "early 2018," I expect they'll update the software to the way it was intended to work.

She's a beaut, she is, the Light L16.

I actually didn't get anything else exciting besides money.
Emptied my wallet on a gift for my cousin, too. He started using it immediately, so I know he won't return it. ;1
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Jul - General Chat - New stuff you got

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