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Jul - General Chat - New stuff you got
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@sofi: That looks realy comfy! Great retreat you got there.

I myself was a little to busy with getting new stuff:

and more is on it's way.
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I just bought myself a Thinkpad x61. It arrived on Saturday, and I'm quite happy with it.

For Christmas I got this really nice green lantern ring, along with an iPad.

Metal green lantern ring with a clear green gem.

It's kinda difficult to see here, but the sides have the lantern symbol as well.
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Originally posted by Xkeeper
Originally posted by sofi


E: It's like a grown-up blanket fort, in a way.

it’s as cozy as it looks. i love retreating there at night and reading.
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Originally posted by sofi


E: It's like a grown-up blanket fort, in a way.
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four of these, which now go around my loft, turning the area into its enclosed own room:

like so:

this lovely rice cooker, discovered at the thrift store and restored through an involved process, a National rice cooker of 2002 vintage:

also my friend Frankensteined one of these with the nicest parts:

and now that’s my desktop workstation. lightning fast and it’s got two SSDs.

finally, got myself one of these after a long journey to the suburbs:

this provides some subtle filling of shadows cast by all the hanging and ceiling light fixtures. it also creates beautiful rimmed lighting around people who sit across from me at the dining table. very cozy.
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Kingdom Hearts 2.8
Posts: 23358/23358
Another few Hue bulbs (3 more of them, to be specific), and two new torch lamp stand things.

The lights go in the living room and master bedroom, so now the whole room is lit up instead of a tiny little nightstand light. It's nice being able to have lights that change color to match moods or daytime, especially with our wacky schedule...
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howdy fellow model m haver. yours has the correct numpad . though, mine just has some generic not-the-right-key key
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@eifi: Thanks. Used such keyboards back in school. Back then this was normal.

Wow, good thing to know what they're called. But shipping is killer for Amazon for me. ($16.-) I'll need to check localy if anyone carries such things.

That's the downside of living in Switzerland, no native Amazon. OK, If I'm honest, it's great actually ^^;;
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@kawaii-e; nice keyboard!! looks super clickety-clackety, which i like. i got it on amazon for $6.99 (i used up my free prime offer to get free shipping and all that), heres the [link]. i looked up "electronic travel case" to find it, theres probably other places that sell something like it too- i just happened to be doing all my shopping on amazon that day.
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@eifi: That electronigs carrying case is dope. Could really use something like that myself too. What is this advertised as?

Also: Finally got a really nice keyboard. Damn do I love typing on this thing!

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ooh hello to this thread, dont mind if i indulge my taurus spending habits... with christmas and my recent birthday ive got some cool new items~

heres a nice little jewelry box i treated myself to, i desperately needed one as i was previously keeping jewelry in an envelope..

a carrying case for my electronics!! this was a real life saver. no more dumping all my things out of a pencil case just to find that one game i want to play hahah.

and this was my birthday present from my sibling, a tcg tin! it came with latias and latios promo cards as well as 5 booster packs. now it safely contains all my tcg accessories! :3

this was the best birthday present i could ask for. i grew up collecting pokemon cards, and thought they were long gone. but a couple years ago they resurfaced at our grandparents house! i tried to have them mailed out to me, but they got lost in the mail with some other items so im trying to rebuild my collection, with moderate success.

heres a closeup of the booklet it came with for storing individual cards

i also got a fennekin plushie, some new mint-coloured headphones, and a really nice pair of suede black pump boots. over christmas i got a lot of drawing supplies and some nice new clothes.
やつ (Awesome Gamer Dude)
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Yeah. I got it mainly because I was planning on streaming.
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Is that Wii2HDMI thing just a basic video converter?
やつ (Awesome Gamer Dude)
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I got this for my gamecube and wii the other day.

And I also got this for my Wii yesterday:
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I think I got a lawyer 👍🏻
Posts: 23339/23358
Celeste. I told Dissent I would play it if he bought it for me, and he did, so I did. Fun little game.
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Being on some sort of Amiga trip recently, I got me some stuff for it! Not an accelerator board like I mentioned elsewhere before, just some smaller, but equally important stuff:

- Kickstart 3.1 ROM for A500/600/2000 (Cloanto re-release)
- Workbench 3.1 floppy disk set (Cloanto re-release; some updates over previous [re-]releases)
- RGB-to-VGA adapter

Replacing the Kickstart ROM in my A500 went without a hitch, and the Workbench disks are working fine as well. Only the RGB-VGA adapter is giving me issues - or well, to be exact, the adapter seems to work fine, it's just that none of my monitors are capable of 15 kHz horizontal sync.

I was hoping my NEC MultiSync LCD would, since other models from the same line do support 15 kHz despite their documentation saying they don't, but it seems like this LCD1760NX really only works at 31 kHz and up. My main PC's monitor, an LG Flatron from 2011, at least tells me the frequencies the Amiga outputs on its "signal not supported" screen, but some other old Samsung monitor and my TV just don't display anything.

So, what did I do instead? a RGB-to-SCART cable? What, are you crazy? That's too easy! Nope, I ordered one of these cheap GBS-8220 upscaler boards from eBay! A used one that already has a power supply and case, and that should arrive here either today or tomorrow. These do a decent enough job, plus apparently, if I want to go that route, there's alternative ways of controlling the board's chipset using an Arduino, which can eliminate many of the flaws the stock board has.
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my super nt arrived today and hot damn this thing is sexy and plays great

the cute lil power indicator is an RGB LED, and you can set it so it matches the display's center pixel color. laserium!
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Solution: attach everything to the table.

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Jul - General Chat - New stuff you got

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